New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Exchange Rates on 31st July 2014 (31/07/2014)

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Exchange rates for New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Updated: 2014-07-31
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD GBP 0.5032 NZD to GBP 1.9873 GBP to NZD
NZD BGN 1.2399 NZD to BGN 0.8065 BGN to NZD
NZD HRK 4.8388 NZD to HRK 0.2067 HRK to NZD
NZD CZK 17.4579 NZD to CZK 0.0573 CZK to NZD
NZD DKK 4.727 NZD to DKK 0.2116 DKK to NZD
NZD HUF 197.7167 NZD to HUF 0.0051 HUF to NZD
NZD KZT 155.4586 NZD to KZT 0.0064 KZT to NZD
NZD LVL 0.4454 NZD to LVL 2.2453 LVL to NZD
NZD LTL 2.189 NZD to LTL 0.4568 LTL to NZD
NZD MKD 38.6184 NZD to MKD 0.0259 MKD to NZD
NZD MDL 11.8083 NZD to MDL 0.0847 MDL to NZD
NZD NOK 5.3245 NZD to NOK 0.1878 NOK to NZD
NZD PLN 2.6395 NZD to PLN 0.3789 PLN to NZD
NZD RON 2.8015 NZD to RON 0.3569 RON to NZD
NZD RUB 30.1711 NZD to RUB 0.0331 RUB to NZD
NZD SEK 5.8477 NZD to SEK 0.171 SEK to NZD
NZD CHF 0.7712 NZD to CHF 1.2966 CHF to NZD
NZD TRY 1.8117 NZD to TRY 0.552 TRY to NZD
NZD UAH 10.1976 NZD to UAH 0.0981 UAH to NZD
Updated: 2014-07-31
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NZD ARS 6.9518 NZD to ARS 0.1438 ARS to NZD
NZD BOB 5.8678 NZD to BOB 0.1704 BOB to NZD
NZD BRL 1.9091 NZD to BRL 0.5238 BRL to NZD
NZD CAD 0.9268 NZD to CAD 1.0789 CAD to NZD
NZD KYD 0.6964 NZD to KYD 1.436 KYD to NZD
NZD CLP 485.3818 NZD to CLP 0.0021 CLP to NZD
NZD COP 1589.2083 NZD to COP 0.0006 COP to NZD
NZD CRC 457.6483 NZD to CRC 0.0022 CRC to NZD
NZD DOP 37.0346 NZD to DOP 0.027 DOP to NZD
NZD SVC 7.4282 NZD to SVC 0.1346 SVC to NZD
NZD FJD 1.5585 NZD to FJD 0.6416 FJD to NZD
NZD HNL 17.8144 NZD to HNL 0.0561 HNL to NZD
NZD JMD 95.7055 NZD to JMD 0.0104 JMD to NZD
NZD MXN 11.1934 NZD to MXN 0.0893 MXN to NZD
NZD ANG 1.5201 NZD to ANG 0.6578 ANG to NZD
NZD PYG 3649.7793 NZD to PYG 0.0003 PYG to NZD
NZD PEN 2.3702 NZD to PEN 0.4219 PEN to NZD
NZD TTD 5.4036 NZD to TTD 0.1851 TTD to NZD
NZD USD 0.8492 NZD to USD 1.1775 USD to NZD
NZD UYU 19.6934 NZD to UYU 0.0508 UYU to NZD
NZD VEF 5.3438 NZD to VEF 0.1871 VEF to NZD
Updated: 2014-07-31
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NZD AUD 0.9139 NZD to AUD 1.0942 AUD to NZD
NZD BDT 65.8801 NZD to BDT 0.0152 BDT to NZD
NZD BND 1.0594 NZD to BND 0.944 BND to NZD
NZD CNY 5.2446 NZD to CNY 0.1907 CNY to NZD
NZD INR 51.3697 NZD to INR 0.0195 INR to NZD
NZD IDR 9834.0335 NZD to IDR 0.0001 IDR to NZD
NZD JPY 87.2821 NZD to JPY 0.0115 JPY to NZD
NZD MYR 2.7141 NZD to MYR 0.3684 MYR to NZD
NZD MVR 13.0696 NZD to MVR 0.0765 MVR to NZD
NZD NPR 81.8632 NZD to NPR 0.0122 NPR to NZD
NZD PKR 83.8757 NZD to PKR 0.0119 PKR to NZD
NZD PGK 2.0789 NZD to PGK 0.481 PGK to NZD
NZD PHP 36.9922 NZD to PHP 0.027 PHP to NZD
NZD SCR 10.3202 NZD to SCR 0.0969 SCR to NZD
NZD SGD 1.0624 NZD to SGD 0.9412 SGD to NZD
NZD KRW 875.309 NZD to KRW 0.0011 KRW to NZD
NZD LKR 110.5863 NZD to LKR 0.009 LKR to NZD
NZD TWD 25.4946 NZD to TWD 0.0392 TWD to NZD
NZD THB 27.2771 NZD to THB 0.0367 THB to NZD
Updated: 2014-07-31
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NZD BHD 0.3202 NZD to BHD 3.1232 BHD to NZD
NZD EGP 6.0725 NZD to EGP 0.1647 EGP to NZD
NZD HKD 6.5815 NZD to HKD 0.1519 HKD to NZD
NZD ILS 2.9127 NZD to ILS 0.3433 ILS to NZD
NZD JOD 0.6012 NZD to JOD 1.6633 JOD to NZD
NZD KWD 0.2406 NZD to KWD 4.1558 KWD to NZD
NZD LBP 1284.4489 NZD to LBP 0.0008 LBP to NZD
NZD OMR 0.327 NZD to OMR 3.0582 OMR to NZD
NZD QAR 3.0917 NZD to QAR 0.3234 QAR to NZD
NZD SAR 3.185 NZD to SAR 0.314 SAR to NZD
NZD AED 3.1193 NZD to AED 0.3206 AED to NZD
NZD YER 182.5026 NZD to YER 0.0055 YER to NZD
Updated: 2014-07-31
Convert from Convert to 1 NZD Conversion in currency Conversion
NZD DZD 67.8473 NZD to DZD 0.0147 DZD to NZD
NZD KES 74.6044 NZD to KES 0.0134 KES to NZD
NZD MUR 26.19 NZD to MUR 0.0382 MUR to NZD
NZD MAD 7.1018 NZD to MAD 0.1408 MAD to NZD
NZD NAD 9.0058 NZD to NAD 0.111 NAD to NZD
NZD NIO 22.1266 NZD to NIO 0.0452 NIO to NZD
NZD NGN 137.337 NZD to NGN 0.0073 NGN to NZD
NZD SLL 3711.021 NZD to SLL 0.0003 SLL to NZD
NZD ZAR 9.0854 NZD to ZAR 0.1101 ZAR to NZD
NZD TZS 1408.4296 NZD to TZS 0.0007 TZS to NZD
NZD TND 1.467 NZD to TND 0.6816 TND to NZD
NZD UGX 2220.7055 NZD to UGX 0.0005 UGX to NZD
NZD XOF 415.9928 NZD to XOF 0.0024 XOF to NZD
NZD ZMK 4478.2112 NZD to ZMK 0.0002 ZMK to NZD

New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Sign NT$
1 New Zealand Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

New Zealand is a highly visited country and offers a number of sightseeing adventures for tourists. The official currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar. The dollar is recognized by the ISO symbol NZD or the $ sign. The New Zealand Dollar is also in circulation in the Cook Islands as well as the Pitcairn Islands, Tokelau and Niue.

Coins used:
10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2

Banknotes used:
$5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Central Bank
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
The New Zealand Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents and is commonly referred to as the kiwi in New Zealand. It is one of the 10 top traded currencies in the world at present and accounted for nearly 2 percent of all foreign exchange market turnovers each day in 2010. The NZD continues to gain strength against other currencies, particularly the US Dollar.

Banknotes for the New Zealand Dollar are issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars and coins are issued in denominations of 10, 20 and 50 cents. Currency exchanges can be done at most New Zealand banks as well as through moneychangers which are conveniently located at various spots around the country. Currency exchanges are typically fast and easy in major cities and most moneychangers remain in operation until around 9pm each day. Banks operate from 9:30 am until 4 pm on Monday through Friday and from 8:30 am until 11 am on Saturday. Many banks are not open on Saturdays however although most moneychangers will convert currencies every day of the week. Airport banks are typically open every day to accommodate international visitors.

All major banks also offer ATMs, particularly those in larger cities. Traveler’s checks are often difficult to cash at banks and those that do offer this service charge a small fee. Hotels will typically accept or cash traveler’s checks for smaller fee. The US Dollar cannot be spent in New Zealand. The New Zealand Dollar is currently the only legal tender that is accepted in the country.

Most establishments will accept all major credit cards, particularly Visa and MasterCard. Diners Club and American Express can be used at most ATMs and many hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Smaller towns may not accept credit cards in some areas so it is recommended that visitors take cash along when visiting smaller areas. Fuel purchases typically always require cash and hotels require a credit card for reservation booking. Road tolls, particularly those on major routes between larger cities can be paid with a Visa or MasterCard.

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