Bolivian Boliviano (BOB) Exchange Rates on 22nd October 2019 (22/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for Bolivian Boliviano (BOB)

Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB GBP 0.0892 BOB to GBP 11.2046 GBP to BOB
BOB BGN 0.2197 BOB to BGN 4.5521 BGN to BOB
BOB HRK 0.8537 BOB to HRK 1.1713 HRK to BOB
BOB CZK 3.0917 BOB to CZK 0.3234 CZK to BOB
BOB DKK 0.8337 BOB to DKK 1.1995 DKK to BOB
BOB HUF 35.1915 BOB to HUF 0.0284 HUF to BOB
BOB KZT 26.3407 BOB to KZT 0.038 KZT to BOB
BOB LVL 0.0787 BOB to LVL 12.7086 LVL to BOB
BOB LTL 0.3867 BOB to LTL 2.5858 LTL to BOB
BOB MKD 6.8759 BOB to MKD 0.1454 MKD to BOB
BOB MDL 2.0695 BOB to MDL 0.4832 MDL to BOB
BOB NOK 0.9235 BOB to NOK 1.0828 NOK to BOB
BOB PLN 0.4701 BOB to PLN 2.1272 PLN to BOB
BOB RON 0.4948 BOB to RON 2.021 RON to BOB
BOB RUB 5.4353 BOB to RUB 0.184 RUB to BOB
BOB SEK 1.0321 BOB to SEK 0.9689 SEK to BOB
BOB CHF 0.1355 BOB to CHF 7.3824 CHF to BOB
BOB TRY 0.3186 BOB to TRY 3.1387 TRY to BOB
BOB UAH 1.8785 BOB to UAH 0.5323 UAH to BOB
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB ARS 1.2161 BOB to ARS 0.8223 ARS to BOB
BOB BRL 0.3313 BOB to BRL 3.0184 BRL to BOB
BOB CAD 0.1599 BOB to CAD 6.2526 CAD to BOB
BOB KYD 0.1187 BOB to KYD 8.4264 KYD to BOB
BOB CLP 85.2636 BOB to CLP 0.0117 CLP to BOB
BOB COP 285.899 BOB to COP 0.0035 COP to BOB
BOB CRC 78.4266 BOB to CRC 0.0128 CRC to BOB
BOB DOP 6.3216 BOB to DOP 0.1582 DOP to BOB
BOB SVC 1.2659 BOB to SVC 0.7899 SVC to BOB
BOB FJD 0.2672 BOB to FJD 3.743 FJD to BOB
BOB HNL 3.0609 BOB to HNL 0.3267 HNL to BOB
BOB JMD 16.2885 BOB to JMD 0.0614 JMD to BOB
BOB MXN 1.9133 BOB to MXN 0.5227 MXN to BOB
BOB ANG 0.2591 BOB to ANG 3.8601 ANG to BOB
BOB PYG 621.4801 BOB to PYG 0.0016 PYG to BOB
BOB PEN 0.4132 BOB to PEN 2.4202 PEN to BOB
BOB TTD 0.9187 BOB to TTD 1.0885 TTD to BOB
BOB USD 0.1447 BOB to USD 6.9096 USD to BOB
BOB UYU 3.5067 BOB to UYU 0.2852 UYU to BOB
BOB VEF 0.91 BOB to VEF 1.0989 VEF to BOB
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB AUD 0.1592 BOB to AUD 6.2828 AUD to BOB
BOB BDT 11.2082 BOB to BDT 0.0892 BDT to BOB
BOB BND 0.1828 BOB to BND 5.4702 BND to BOB
BOB CNY 0.8872 BOB to CNY 1.1272 CNY to BOB
BOB INR 8.8073 BOB to INR 0.1135 INR to BOB
BOB IDR 1717.8451 BOB to IDR 0.0006 IDR to BOB
BOB JPY 15.4951 BOB to JPY 0.0645 JPY to BOB
BOB MYR 0.4621 BOB to MYR 2.164 MYR to BOB
BOB MVR 2.2244 BOB to MVR 0.4496 MVR to BOB
BOB NPR 14.1176 BOB to NPR 0.0708 NPR to BOB
BOB NZD 0.1772 BOB to NZD 5.643 NZD to BOB
BOB PKR 14.8054 BOB to PKR 0.0675 PKR to BOB
BOB PGK 0.3582 BOB to PGK 2.7915 PGK to BOB
BOB PHP 6.3556 BOB to PHP 0.1573 PHP to BOB
BOB SCR 1.8783 BOB to SCR 0.5324 SCR to BOB
BOB SGD 0.1807 BOB to SGD 5.5334 SGD to BOB
BOB KRW 150.0365 BOB to KRW 0.0067 KRW to BOB
BOB LKR 18.8542 BOB to LKR 0.053 LKR to BOB
BOB TWD 4.3472 BOB to TWD 0.23 TWD to BOB
BOB THB 4.6573 BOB to THB 0.2147 THB to BOB
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB BHD 0.0546 BOB to BHD 18.3231 BHD to BOB
BOB EGP 1.0351 BOB to EGP 0.966 EGP to BOB
BOB HKD 1.1217 BOB to HKD 0.8915 HKD to BOB
BOB ILS 0.5253 BOB to ILS 1.9036 ILS to BOB
BOB JOD 0.1026 BOB to JOD 9.7511 JOD to BOB
BOB KWD 0.0415 BOB to KWD 24.1149 KWD to BOB
BOB LBP 218.9694 BOB to LBP 0.0046 LBP to BOB
BOB OMR 0.0557 BOB to OMR 17.9494 OMR to BOB
BOB QAR 0.527 BOB to QAR 1.8974 QAR to BOB
BOB SAR 0.5428 BOB to SAR 1.8422 SAR to BOB
BOB AED 0.5316 BOB to AED 1.8811 AED to BOB
BOB YER 31.1022 BOB to YER 0.0322 YER to BOB
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BOB Conversion in currency Conversion
BOB DZD 11.708 BOB to DZD 0.0854 DZD to BOB
BOB KES 12.8661 BOB to KES 0.0777 KES to BOB
BOB MUR 4.5878 BOB to MUR 0.218 MUR to BOB
BOB MAD 1.2467 BOB to MAD 0.8021 MAD to BOB
BOB NAD 1.587 BOB to NAD 0.6301 NAD to BOB
BOB NIO 3.7925 BOB to NIO 0.2637 NIO to BOB
BOB NGN 23.5613 BOB to NGN 0.0424 NGN to BOB
BOB SLL 632.4278 BOB to SLL 0.0016 SLL to BOB
BOB ZAR 1.5886 BOB to ZAR 0.6295 ZAR to BOB
BOB TZS 240.7471 BOB to TZS 0.0042 TZS to BOB
BOB TND 0.2554 BOB to TND 3.9148 TND to BOB
BOB UGX 377.0071 BOB to UGX 0.0027 UGX to BOB
BOB XOF 73.4986 BOB to XOF 0.0136 XOF to BOB
BOB ZMK 761.7416 BOB to ZMK 0.0013 ZMK to BOB

Bolivian Boliviano (BOB)

Sign $ or B$
1 Bolivian Boliviano is subdivided into 100 cents.

BOB is the official currency code for the Bolivian boliviano which itself is the official currency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, more commonly known as Bolivia. The currency sign and symbol for the boliviano is "Bs'" or "Bs." with each boliviano being officialy subdivided into 100 centavos. The denotation for centavos in Bolivia is "Cvs.". The Banco Central de Bolivia is the central bank of Bolivia and the sole issuer of the BOB as both banknotes and coins.

Coins used:
Cvs. 10, 20, 50; Bs. 1, 2, 5

Banknotes used:
Bs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 200

Central Bank
Banco Central de Bolivia
The current issue of the BOB was made in 1987 when the BOB replaced the peso boliviano at an devalued exchange rate of 1 million boliviano peso to each single new boliviano. This exchange rate and devaluation was made as a direct action against runaway inflation that had plagued the nation prior to this point. Bolivia currently uses the United States dollar (USD) as its reserve currency and in fact over 90% of bank deposits in the country are held in USD.

Bolivia has been able to control inflation in recent years with tighter monetary and fiscal policies as well as with a central bank focus on price stability. The Bolivian GDP is weighted towards service industries, yet over 40% of the population works in agriculture which produces on 11% of GDP.

The banknotes for the BOB are issued in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 bolivianos. As of 1991 the Bs.2 banknote was discontinued and replaced with the Bs.2 coin. The Bs.5 banknote was also replaced by the Bs.5 coin, but the Bs.5 banknote was never officially discontinued. BOB coins are found in 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 centavos and 1 and 2 boliviano denominations. Though the 2 and 5 centavo coins are no longer officially in circulation they are still recognized as legal currency.

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