Paraguayan Guarani (PYG) Exchange Rates on 29th January 2020 (29/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Paraguayan Guarani (PYG)

Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 PYG Conversion in currency Conversion
PYG GBP 0.0001 PYG to GBP 8488.7065 GBP to PYG
PYG BGN 0.0003 PYG to BGN 3670.4771 BGN to PYG
PYG HRK 0.001 PYG to HRK 964.9489 HRK to PYG
PYG CZK 0.0035 PYG to CZK 284.5938 CZK to PYG
PYG DKK 0.001 PYG to DKK 960.7472 DKK to PYG
PYG HUF 0.0471 PYG to HUF 21.2378 HUF to PYG
PYG KZT 0.0584 PYG to KZT 17.1245 KZT to PYG
PYG LVL 0.0001 PYG to LVL 10774.2487 LVL to PYG
PYG LTL 0.0005 PYG to LTL 2207.1802 LTL to PYG
PYG MKD 0.0086 PYG to MKD 116.7427 MKD to PYG
PYG MDL 0.0027 PYG to MDL 371.0073 MDL to PYG
PYG NOK 0.0014 PYG to NOK 715.1951 NOK to PYG
PYG PLN 0.0006 PYG to PLN 1681.0192 PLN to PYG
PYG RON 0.0007 PYG to RON 1502.6369 RON to PYG
PYG RUB 0.0096 PYG to RUB 104.6477 RUB to PYG
PYG SEK 0.0015 PYG to SEK 678.5314 SEK to PYG
PYG CHF 0.0001 PYG to CHF 6693.8239 CHF to PYG
PYG TRY 0.0009 PYG to TRY 1096.328 TRY to PYG
PYG UAH 0.0038 PYG to UAH 263.5119 UAH to PYG
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 PYG Conversion in currency Conversion
PYG ARS 0.0092 PYG to ARS 108.4396 ARS to PYG
PYG BOB 0.0011 PYG to BOB 942.9698 BOB to PYG
PYG BRL 0.0006 PYG to BRL 1553.6194 BRL to PYG
PYG CAD 0.0002 PYG to CAD 4952.0738 CAD to PYG
PYG KYD 0.0001 PYG to KYD 7824.325 KYD to PYG
PYG CLP 0.1208 PYG to CLP 8.2759 CLP to PYG
PYG COP 0.5196 PYG to COP 1.9245 COP to PYG
PYG CRC 0.0867 PYG to CRC 11.5306 CRC to PYG
PYG DOP 0.0082 PYG to DOP 122.5906 DOP to PYG
PYG SVC 0.0013 PYG to SVC 745.1581 SVC to PYG
PYG FJD 0.0003 PYG to FJD 2984.7638 FJD to PYG
PYG HNL 0.0038 PYG to HNL 264.7654 HNL to PYG
PYG JMD 0.0214 PYG to JMD 46.7696 JMD to PYG
PYG MXN 0.0029 PYG to MXN 348.3416 MXN to PYG
PYG ANG 0.0003 PYG to ANG 3963.8035 ANG to PYG
PYG PEN 0.0005 PYG to PEN 1956.9537 PEN to PYG
PYG TTD 0.001 PYG to TTD 964.3523 TTD to PYG
PYG USD 0.0002 PYG to USD 6517.2315 USD to PYG
PYG UYU 0.0057 PYG to UYU 175.2166 UYU to PYG
PYG VEF 0.0015 PYG to VEF 652.5393 VEF to PYG
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 PYG Conversion in currency Conversion
PYG AUD 0.0002 PYG to AUD 4410.8989 AUD to PYG
PYG BDT 0.013 PYG to BDT 76.9124 BDT to PYG
PYG BND 0.0002 PYG to BND 4798.8957 BND to PYG
PYG CNY 0.0011 PYG to CNY 939.5167 CNY to PYG
PYG INR 0.0109 PYG to INR 91.5196 INR to PYG
PYG IDR 2.0909 PYG to IDR 0.4783 IDR to PYG
PYG JPY 0.0167 PYG to JPY 59.7426 JPY to PYG
PYG MYR 0.0006 PYG to MYR 1597.1638 MYR to PYG
PYG MVR 0.0024 PYG to MVR 421.8237 MVR to PYG
PYG NPR 0.0175 PYG to NPR 57.1487 NPR to PYG
PYG NZD 0.0002 PYG to NZD 4258.3681 NZD to PYG
PYG PKR 0.0237 PYG to PKR 42.1706 PKR to PYG
PYG PGK 0.0005 PYG to PGK 1912.1738 PGK to PYG
PYG PHP 0.0078 PYG to PHP 128.21 PHP to PYG
PYG SCR 0.0021 PYG to SCR 475.7048 SCR to PYG
PYG SGD 0.0002 PYG to SGD 4799.1771 SGD to PYG
PYG KRW 0.1807 PYG to KRW 5.5353 KRW to PYG
PYG LKR 0.0278 PYG to LKR 35.9266 LKR to PYG
PYG TWD 0.0046 PYG to TWD 216.6202 TWD to PYG
PYG THB 0.0047 PYG to THB 210.6611 THB to PYG
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 PYG Conversion in currency Conversion
PYG BHD 0.0001 PYG to BHD 17286.4428 BHD to PYG
PYG EGP 0.0024 PYG to EGP 412.5058 EGP to PYG
PYG HKD 0.0012 PYG to HKD 838.292 HKD to PYG
PYG ILS 0.0005 PYG to ILS 1886.8345 ILS to PYG
PYG JOD 0.0001 PYG to JOD 9189.5885 JOD to PYG
PYG KWD 0 PYG to KWD 21446.0317 KWD to PYG
PYG LBP 0.2319 PYG to LBP 4.3127 LBP to PYG
PYG OMR 0.0001 PYG to OMR 16927.7983 OMR to PYG
PYG QAR 0.0006 PYG to QAR 1789.9521 QAR to PYG
PYG SAR 0.0006 PYG to SAR 1736.9716 SAR to PYG
PYG AED 0.0006 PYG to AED 1774.3501 AED to PYG
PYG YER 0.0384 PYG to YER 26.0375 YER to PYG
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 PYG Conversion in currency Conversion
PYG DZD 0.0184 PYG to DZD 54.2455 DZD to PYG
PYG KES 0.0155 PYG to KES 64.6207 KES to PYG
PYG MUR 0.0057 PYG to MUR 176.8677 MUR to PYG
PYG MAD 0.0015 PYG to MAD 675.326 MAD to PYG
PYG NAD 0.0022 PYG to NAD 448.5448 NAD to PYG
PYG NIO 0.0052 PYG to NIO 193.287 NIO to PYG
PYG NGN 0.0556 PYG to NGN 17.9784 NGN to PYG
PYG SLL 1.4884 PYG to SLL 0.6719 SLL to PYG
PYG ZAR 0.0022 PYG to ZAR 448.6911 ZAR to PYG
PYG TZS 0.3538 PYG to TZS 2.8268 TZS to PYG
PYG TND 0.0004 PYG to TND 2301.8928 TND to PYG
PYG UGX 0.5641 PYG to UGX 1.7729 UGX to PYG
PYG XOF 0.0914 PYG to XOF 10.9453 XOF to PYG
PYG ZMK 1.3811 PYG to ZMK 0.724 ZMK to PYG

Paraguayan Guarani (PYG)

Sign Gs
1 Paraguayan Guarani is subdivided into 100 centimos.

The official unit of currency for Paraguay is the Paraguayan guarani. The guarani comes in denominations of 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000. There are also 50, 100 and 500 coins although these are very rare. Travelerís checks can be cashed at most banks and at the Bureau de Change for a small 3 to 5 percent commission.

Coins used:
50, 100, 500 & 1,000 guaranies

Banknotes used:
1,000 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 & 100,000 guaranies

Central Bank
Banco Central del Paraguay
Credit cards are accepted widely throughout Paraguay with the most commonly accepted being Visa and MasterCard. Diners Club is accepted in some places but not all facilities will accept this card as a form of payment. When making purchases with credit cards, identification is required. ATMs offer cash withdrawal opportunities for Cirrus, Maestro and Visa network cards and these machines are located in many areas around banks and in some shopping centers.

Travelerís checks are not widely used in the country although some banks can convert them into guarani for a small fee. Banks are open typically from 8:45 am until 3:00 pm Monday through Friday with no operation on weekends. Paraguay has a free monetary exchange policy and there are currently no regulations placed on the sale or purchase of foreign currencies. US Dollars are widely accepted throughout the country. Pounds sterling are also accepted but to a more limited degree. The Bureau de Change offers currency exchange services and it is recommended that visitors use this for all money conversions. Many people on the streets offer currency exchange as well, but most of these will provide counterfeit banknotes.

Bureau de Change offices can be found widely in larger towns and border towns and will exchange currency as well as travelerís checks for a 3 to 5 percent commission. Banks in the interior may offer lower rates however and street changers offer lower rates still. Again, it is important to note that there are problems in Paraguay with counterfeiting so street changers should be avoided if at all possible. Legal or official street changers can be very beneficial as they offer lower rates for currency exchange and typically operate at night and on weekends when banks are closed. Currency exchanges can also be conducted at hotels, railway stations and airports at the official exchange rate for the country.

There are currently no restrictions for importing or exporting foreign or local currencies. Those visiting Paraguay should check rate quotes from major newspapers or the internet before exchanging currency to ensure that they are receiving the official exchange rate.

Other References
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