Lithuanian Litas (LTL) Exchange Rates on 29th January 2020 (29/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Lithuanian Litas (LTL)

Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 LTL Conversion in currency Conversion
LTL GBP 0.26 LTL to GBP 3.846 GBP to LTL
LTL BGN 0.6013 LTL to BGN 1.663 BGN to LTL
LTL HRK 2.2874 LTL to HRK 0.4372 HRK to LTL
LTL CZK 7.7555 LTL to CZK 0.1289 CZK to LTL
LTL DKK 2.2974 LTL to DKK 0.4353 DKK to LTL
LTL HUF 103.9271 LTL to HUF 0.0096 HUF to LTL
LTL KZT 128.8903 LTL to KZT 0.0078 KZT to LTL
LTL LVL 0.2049 LTL to LVL 4.8815 LVL to LTL
LTL MKD 18.9064 LTL to MKD 0.0529 MKD to LTL
LTL MDL 5.9492 LTL to MDL 0.1681 MDL to LTL
LTL NOK 3.0861 LTL to NOK 0.324 NOK to LTL
LTL PLN 1.313 LTL to PLN 0.7616 PLN to LTL
LTL RON 1.4689 LTL to RON 0.6808 RON to LTL
LTL RUB 21.0915 LTL to RUB 0.0474 RUB to LTL
LTL SEK 3.2529 LTL to SEK 0.3074 SEK to LTL
LTL CHF 0.3297 LTL to CHF 3.0327 CHF to LTL
LTL TRY 2.0132 LTL to TRY 0.4967 TRY to LTL
LTL UAH 8.376 LTL to UAH 0.1194 UAH to LTL
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 LTL Conversion in currency Conversion
LTL ARS 20.354 LTL to ARS 0.0491 ARS to LTL
LTL BOB 2.3407 LTL to BOB 0.4272 BOB to LTL
LTL BRL 1.4207 LTL to BRL 0.7039 BRL to LTL
LTL CAD 0.4457 LTL to CAD 2.2436 CAD to LTL
LTL KYD 0.2821 LTL to KYD 3.5449 KYD to LTL
LTL CLP 266.6999 LTL to CLP 0.0037 CLP to LTL
LTL COP 1146.9001 LTL to COP 0.0009 COP to LTL
LTL CRC 191.4194 LTL to CRC 0.0052 CRC to LTL
LTL DOP 18.0045 LTL to DOP 0.0555 DOP to LTL
LTL SVC 2.962 LTL to SVC 0.3376 SVC to LTL
LTL FJD 0.7395 LTL to FJD 1.3523 FJD to LTL
LTL HNL 8.3364 LTL to HNL 0.12 HNL to LTL
LTL JMD 47.1927 LTL to JMD 0.0212 JMD to LTL
LTL MXN 6.3363 LTL to MXN 0.1578 MXN to LTL
LTL ANG 0.5568 LTL to ANG 1.7959 ANG to LTL
LTL PYG 2207.1802 LTL to PYG 0.0005 PYG to LTL
LTL PEN 1.1279 LTL to PEN 0.8866 PEN to LTL
LTL TTD 2.2888 LTL to TTD 0.4369 TTD to LTL
LTL USD 0.3387 LTL to USD 2.9527 USD to LTL
LTL UYU 12.5969 LTL to UYU 0.0794 UYU to LTL
LTL VEF 3.3824 LTL to VEF 0.2956 VEF to LTL
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 LTL Conversion in currency Conversion
LTL AUD 0.5004 LTL to AUD 1.9984 AUD to LTL
LTL BDT 28.6973 LTL to BDT 0.0348 BDT to LTL
LTL BND 0.4599 LTL to BND 2.1742 BND to LTL
LTL CNY 2.3493 LTL to CNY 0.4257 CNY to LTL
LTL INR 24.117 LTL to INR 0.0415 INR to LTL
LTL IDR 4614.9388 LTL to IDR 0.0002 IDR to LTL
LTL JPY 36.9449 LTL to JPY 0.0271 JPY to LTL
LTL MYR 1.3819 LTL to MYR 0.7236 MYR to LTL
LTL MVR 5.2325 LTL to MVR 0.1911 MVR to LTL
LTL NPR 38.6217 LTL to NPR 0.0259 NPR to LTL
LTL NZD 0.5183 LTL to NZD 1.9293 NZD to LTL
LTL PKR 52.3394 LTL to PKR 0.0191 PKR to LTL
LTL PGK 1.1543 LTL to PGK 0.8663 PGK to LTL
LTL PHP 17.2153 LTL to PHP 0.0581 PHP to LTL
LTL SCR 4.6398 LTL to SCR 0.2155 SCR to LTL
LTL SGD 0.4599 LTL to SGD 2.1743 SGD to LTL
LTL KRW 398.7427 LTL to KRW 0.0025 KRW to LTL
LTL LKR 61.4358 LTL to LKR 0.0163 LKR to LTL
LTL TWD 10.1892 LTL to TWD 0.0981 TWD to LTL
LTL THB 10.4774 LTL to THB 0.0954 THB to LTL
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 LTL Conversion in currency Conversion
LTL BHD 0.1277 LTL to BHD 7.8319 BHD to LTL
LTL EGP 5.3507 LTL to EGP 0.1869 EGP to LTL
LTL HKD 2.6329 LTL to HKD 0.3798 HKD to LTL
LTL ILS 1.1698 LTL to ILS 0.8549 ILS to LTL
LTL JOD 0.2402 LTL to JOD 4.1635 JOD to LTL
LTL KWD 0.1029 LTL to KWD 9.7165 KWD to LTL
LTL LBP 511.7916 LTL to LBP 0.002 LBP to LTL
LTL OMR 0.1304 LTL to OMR 7.6694 OMR to LTL
LTL QAR 1.2331 LTL to QAR 0.811 QAR to LTL
LTL SAR 1.2707 LTL to SAR 0.787 SAR to LTL
LTL AED 1.2439 LTL to AED 0.8039 AED to LTL
LTL YER 84.7693 LTL to YER 0.0118 YER to LTL
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 LTL Conversion in currency Conversion
LTL DZD 40.6887 LTL to DZD 0.0246 DZD to LTL
LTL KES 34.1559 LTL to KES 0.0293 KES to LTL
LTL MUR 12.4793 LTL to MUR 0.0801 MUR to LTL
LTL MAD 3.2683 LTL to MAD 0.306 MAD to LTL
LTL NAD 4.9208 LTL to NAD 0.2032 NAD to LTL
LTL NIO 11.4192 LTL to NIO 0.0876 NIO to LTL
LTL NGN 122.7684 LTL to NGN 0.0081 NGN to LTL
LTL SLL 3285.0878 LTL to SLL 0.0003 SLL to LTL
LTL ZAR 4.9192 LTL to ZAR 0.2033 ZAR to LTL
LTL TZS 780.797 LTL to TZS 0.0013 TZS to LTL
LTL TND 0.9589 LTL to TND 1.0429 TND to LTL
LTL UGX 1244.9621 LTL to UGX 0.0008 UGX to LTL
LTL XOF 201.6556 LTL to XOF 0.005 XOF to LTL
LTL ZMK 3048.4221 LTL to ZMK 0.0003 ZMK to LTL

Lithuanian Litas (LTL)

Sign Lt
1 Lithuanian Litas is subdivided into 100 centu.

The LTL is the currency code for the Lithuanian litas. The litas being the official currency of Lithuania, issued by the Bank of Lithuania, and symbolized in monetary transactions by "Lt". The plural of one litas is litai or lit? and each litas is subdivided into 100 centas with the singular being one centu. The symbol for the centas is "ct".

Coins used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cent?, 1, 2, 5 litai

Banknotes used:
10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 litu

Central Bank
Bank of Lithuania
The Bank of Lithuania is the central bank of Lithuania and as such is the sole issuer of the currency, responsible for its circulation, and momentary polices that affect its value. The Bank of Lithuania is a recognized part of the European System of Central Banks and therefore Lithuania is not within the eurozone. Though with this current association, the future absorption of the LTL into the euro is inevitable. This explains the fact that the LTL is currently pegged in value to the euro and the Bank of Lithuania has as its primary policy mandate, price stability, a mandate consistent with future inclusion into the eurozone. With the current inflation rate in Lithuania, the exact date of euro adoption has yet to be determined because prior to inclusion an applicant country must have inflation levels that meet the eurozone requirements.

The dominations of minted coins currently in circulation in Lithuania are comprised of the following unit values: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cent?, as well as 1, 2, and 5 litai. These coins have all been minted in the state owned Lithuanian Mint since 1992. The banknotes of the LTL are issued as 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 lit?. All of these notes have been in circulation since 1993 except for the Lt 200 and Lt 500 which were first placed into circulation in 1997.

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