Croatian Kuna (HRK) Exchange Rates on 29th January 2020 (29/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Croatian Kuna (HRK)

Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 HRK Conversion in currency Conversion
HRK GBP 0.1137 HRK to GBP 8.7971 GBP to HRK
HRK BGN 0.2629 HRK to BGN 3.8038 BGN to HRK
HRK CZK 3.3906 HRK to CZK 0.2949 CZK to HRK
HRK DKK 1.0044 HRK to DKK 0.9956 DKK to HRK
HRK HUF 45.4355 HRK to HUF 0.022 HUF to HRK
HRK KZT 56.3491 HRK to KZT 0.0177 KZT to HRK
HRK LVL 0.0896 HRK to LVL 11.1656 LVL to HRK
HRK LTL 0.4372 HRK to LTL 2.2874 LTL to HRK
HRK MKD 8.2656 HRK to MKD 0.121 MKD to HRK
HRK MDL 2.6009 HRK to MDL 0.3845 MDL to HRK
HRK NOK 1.3492 HRK to NOK 0.7412 NOK to HRK
HRK PLN 0.574 HRK to PLN 1.7421 PLN to HRK
HRK RON 0.6422 HRK to RON 1.5572 RON to HRK
HRK RUB 9.2209 HRK to RUB 0.1084 RUB to HRK
HRK SEK 1.4221 HRK to SEK 0.7032 SEK to HRK
HRK CHF 0.1442 HRK to CHF 6.937 CHF to HRK
HRK TRY 0.8802 HRK to TRY 1.1362 TRY to HRK
HRK UAH 3.6619 HRK to UAH 0.2731 UAH to HRK
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 HRK Conversion in currency Conversion
HRK ARS 8.8985 HRK to ARS 0.1124 ARS to HRK
HRK BOB 1.0233 HRK to BOB 0.9772 BOB to HRK
HRK BRL 0.6211 HRK to BRL 1.6101 BRL to HRK
HRK CAD 0.1949 HRK to CAD 5.132 CAD to HRK
HRK KYD 0.1233 HRK to KYD 8.1085 KYD to HRK
HRK CLP 116.5975 HRK to CLP 0.0086 CLP to HRK
HRK COP 501.409 HRK to COP 0.002 COP to HRK
HRK CRC 83.6859 HRK to CRC 0.0119 CRC to HRK
HRK DOP 7.8713 HRK to DOP 0.127 DOP to HRK
HRK SVC 1.295 HRK to SVC 0.7722 SVC to HRK
HRK FJD 0.3233 HRK to FJD 3.0932 FJD to HRK
HRK HNL 3.6445 HRK to HNL 0.2744 HNL to HRK
HRK JMD 20.632 HRK to JMD 0.0485 JMD to HRK
HRK MXN 2.7701 HRK to MXN 0.361 MXN to HRK
HRK ANG 0.2434 HRK to ANG 4.1078 ANG to HRK
HRK PYG 964.9489 HRK to PYG 0.001 PYG to HRK
HRK PEN 0.4931 HRK to PEN 2.028 PEN to HRK
HRK TTD 1.0006 HRK to TTD 0.9994 TTD to HRK
HRK USD 0.1481 HRK to USD 6.754 USD to HRK
HRK UYU 5.5072 HRK to UYU 0.1816 UYU to HRK
HRK VEF 1.4788 HRK to VEF 0.6762 VEF to HRK
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 HRK Conversion in currency Conversion
HRK AUD 0.2188 HRK to AUD 4.5711 AUD to HRK
HRK BDT 12.5461 HRK to BDT 0.0797 BDT to HRK
HRK BND 0.2011 HRK to BND 4.9732 BND to HRK
HRK CNY 1.0271 HRK to CNY 0.9736 CNY to HRK
HRK INR 10.5436 HRK to INR 0.0948 INR to HRK
HRK IDR 2017.5878 HRK to IDR 0.0005 IDR to HRK
HRK JPY 16.1518 HRK to JPY 0.0619 JPY to HRK
HRK MYR 0.6042 HRK to MYR 1.6552 MYR to HRK
HRK MVR 2.2876 HRK to MVR 0.4371 MVR to HRK
HRK NPR 16.8849 HRK to NPR 0.0592 NPR to HRK
HRK NZD 0.2266 HRK to NZD 4.4131 NZD to HRK
HRK PKR 22.8821 HRK to PKR 0.0437 PKR to HRK
HRK PGK 0.5046 HRK to PGK 1.9816 PGK to HRK
HRK PHP 7.5263 HRK to PHP 0.1329 PHP to HRK
HRK SCR 2.0285 HRK to SCR 0.493 SCR to HRK
HRK SGD 0.2011 HRK to SGD 4.9735 SGD to HRK
HRK KRW 174.3248 HRK to KRW 0.0057 KRW to HRK
HRK LKR 26.8589 HRK to LKR 0.0372 LKR to HRK
HRK TWD 4.4546 HRK to TWD 0.2245 TWD to HRK
HRK THB 4.5806 HRK to THB 0.2183 THB to HRK
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 HRK Conversion in currency Conversion
HRK BHD 0.0558 HRK to BHD 17.9144 BHD to HRK
HRK EGP 2.3392 HRK to EGP 0.4275 EGP to HRK
HRK HKD 1.1511 HRK to HKD 0.8687 HKD to HRK
HRK ILS 0.5114 HRK to ILS 1.9554 ILS to HRK
HRK JOD 0.105 HRK to JOD 9.5234 JOD to HRK
HRK KWD 0.045 HRK to KWD 22.225 KWD to HRK
HRK LBP 223.7482 HRK to LBP 0.0045 LBP to HRK
HRK OMR 0.057 HRK to OMR 17.5427 OMR to HRK
HRK QAR 0.5391 HRK to QAR 1.855 QAR to HRK
HRK SAR 0.5555 HRK to SAR 1.8001 SAR to HRK
HRK AED 0.5438 HRK to AED 1.8388 AED to HRK
HRK YER 37.06 HRK to YER 0.027 YER to HRK
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 HRK Conversion in currency Conversion
HRK DZD 17.7885 HRK to DZD 0.0562 DZD to HRK
HRK KES 14.9325 HRK to KES 0.067 KES to HRK
HRK MUR 5.4558 HRK to MUR 0.1833 MUR to HRK
HRK MAD 1.4289 HRK to MAD 0.6999 MAD to HRK
HRK NAD 2.1513 HRK to NAD 0.4648 NAD to HRK
HRK NIO 4.9923 HRK to NIO 0.2003 NIO to HRK
HRK NGN 53.6727 HRK to NGN 0.0186 NGN to HRK
HRK SLL 1436.1953 HRK to SLL 0.0007 SLL to HRK
HRK ZAR 2.1506 HRK to ZAR 0.465 ZAR to HRK
HRK TZS 341.3537 HRK to TZS 0.0029 TZS to HRK
HRK TND 0.4192 HRK to TND 2.3855 TND to HRK
HRK UGX 544.2803 HRK to UGX 0.0018 UGX to HRK
HRK XOF 88.161 HRK to XOF 0.0113 XOF to HRK
HRK ZMK 1332.7283 HRK to ZMK 0.0008 ZMK to HRK

Croatian Kuna (HRK)

Sign kn
1 Croatian Kuna is subdivided into 100 lipa.

The official currency of Croatia is the Croatian kuna. The official currency code for the Croatian kuna is (HRK) and the written symbol for the kuna is "kn". Each kuna is subdivided into 100 sub units known as lipa, lipa is symbolized in writing using "lp". The Croatian central bank is known as the Croatian National Bank and it is the sole issuer of the currency and responsible for monetary policies affecting the circulation and value of the HRK. The Croatian National Bank has as its legal mandate the task of keeping the kuna stable as a national currency. The HRK, though a floating currency, is closely tied to the euro in value. The euro itself, though not officially accepted in Croatia, is oftentimes used in every day transactions within the country. It is a good idea for travelers to have both euro and kuna on hand while traveling.

Coins used:
-frequently 5, 10, 20, 50 lipa, 1, 2, 5 kn
-rarely 1, 2 lipa, 25 kn

Banknotes used:
-frequently 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 kn
-rarely 5, 500, 1000 kn

Central Bank
Croatian National Bank
The Croatian National Bank mints coins through the Croatian Monetary Institute in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 lipa as well as 1, 2, 5, and 25kn. The 1lp, 2lp, and 25kn coins are rarely used. The central bank prints banknotes through the German printer Giesecke & Devrient. Printed banknotes in circulation are in denominations of 5. 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 kn with the 5kn, 500kn, and 1000kn notes rarely used.

Croatian politicians as well as the Croatian National Bank both have Croatia on the fast track for acceptance into the European Union, then into the European Monetary System, and then within a few years of that accomplishment into the eurozone. This by definition would mark the end of the HRK as it would be replaced in its entirety by the euro.

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