Egyptian Pound (EGP) Exchange Rates on 29th January 2020 (29/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 EGP Conversion in currency Conversion
EGP GBP 0.0486 EGP to GBP 20.5784 GBP to EGP
EGP BGN 0.1124 EGP to BGN 8.898 BGN to EGP
EGP HRK 0.4275 EGP to HRK 2.3392 HRK to EGP
EGP CZK 1.4495 EGP to CZK 0.6899 CZK to EGP
EGP DKK 0.4294 EGP to DKK 2.3291 DKK to EGP
EGP HUF 19.4232 EGP to HUF 0.0515 HUF to EGP
EGP KZT 24.0887 EGP to KZT 0.0415 KZT to EGP
EGP LVL 0.0383 EGP to LVL 26.119 LVL to EGP
EGP LTL 0.1869 EGP to LTL 5.3507 LTL to EGP
EGP MKD 3.5335 EGP to MKD 0.283 MKD to EGP
EGP MDL 1.1119 EGP to MDL 0.8994 MDL to EGP
EGP NOK 0.5768 EGP to NOK 1.7338 NOK to EGP
EGP PLN 0.2454 EGP to PLN 4.0751 PLN to EGP
EGP RON 0.2745 EGP to RON 3.6427 RON to EGP
EGP RUB 3.9419 EGP to RUB 0.2537 RUB to EGP
EGP SEK 0.6079 EGP to SEK 1.6449 SEK to EGP
EGP CHF 0.0616 EGP to CHF 16.2272 CHF to EGP
EGP TRY 0.3763 EGP to TRY 2.6577 TRY to EGP
EGP UAH 1.5654 EGP to UAH 0.6388 UAH to EGP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 EGP Conversion in currency Conversion
EGP ARS 3.804 EGP to ARS 0.2629 ARS to EGP
EGP BOB 0.4375 EGP to BOB 2.286 BOB to EGP
EGP BRL 0.2655 EGP to BRL 3.7663 BRL to EGP
EGP CAD 0.0833 EGP to CAD 12.0049 CAD to EGP
EGP KYD 0.0527 EGP to KYD 18.9678 KYD to EGP
EGP CLP 49.8443 EGP to CLP 0.0201 CLP to EGP
EGP COP 214.3472 EGP to COP 0.0047 COP to EGP
EGP CRC 35.7749 EGP to CRC 0.028 CRC to EGP
EGP DOP 3.3649 EGP to DOP 0.2972 DOP to EGP
EGP SVC 0.5536 EGP to SVC 1.8064 SVC to EGP
EGP FJD 0.1382 EGP to FJD 7.2357 FJD to EGP
EGP HNL 1.558 EGP to HNL 0.6418 HNL to EGP
EGP JMD 8.82 EGP to JMD 0.1134 JMD to EGP
EGP MXN 1.1842 EGP to MXN 0.8445 MXN to EGP
EGP ANG 0.1041 EGP to ANG 9.6091 ANG to EGP
EGP PYG 412.5058 EGP to PYG 0.0024 PYG to EGP
EGP PEN 0.2108 EGP to PEN 4.7441 PEN to EGP
EGP TTD 0.4278 EGP to TTD 2.3378 TTD to EGP
EGP USD 0.0633 EGP to USD 15.7991 USD to EGP
EGP UYU 2.3543 EGP to UYU 0.4248 UYU to EGP
EGP VEF 0.6322 EGP to VEF 1.5819 VEF to EGP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 EGP Conversion in currency Conversion
EGP AUD 0.0935 EGP to AUD 10.6929 AUD to EGP
EGP BDT 5.3633 EGP to BDT 0.1865 BDT to EGP
EGP BND 0.086 EGP to BND 11.6335 BND to EGP
EGP CNY 0.4391 EGP to CNY 2.2776 CNY to EGP
EGP INR 4.5073 EGP to INR 0.2219 INR to EGP
EGP IDR 862.4983 EGP to IDR 0.0012 IDR to EGP
EGP JPY 6.9047 EGP to JPY 0.1448 JPY to EGP
EGP MYR 0.2583 EGP to MYR 3.8719 MYR to EGP
EGP MVR 0.9779 EGP to MVR 1.0226 MVR to EGP
EGP NPR 7.2181 EGP to NPR 0.1385 NPR to EGP
EGP NZD 0.0969 EGP to NZD 10.3232 NZD to EGP
EGP PKR 9.7818 EGP to PKR 0.1022 PKR to EGP
EGP PGK 0.2157 EGP to PGK 4.6355 PGK to EGP
EGP PHP 3.2174 EGP to PHP 0.3108 PHP to EGP
EGP SCR 0.8671 EGP to SCR 1.1532 SCR to EGP
EGP SGD 0.086 EGP to SGD 11.6342 SGD to EGP
EGP KRW 74.5221 EGP to KRW 0.0134 KRW to EGP
EGP LKR 11.4819 EGP to LKR 0.0871 LKR to EGP
EGP TWD 1.9043 EGP to TWD 0.5251 TWD to EGP
EGP THB 1.9581 EGP to THB 0.5107 THB to EGP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 EGP Conversion in currency Conversion
EGP BHD 0.0239 EGP to BHD 41.9059 BHD to EGP
EGP HKD 0.4921 EGP to HKD 2.0322 HKD to EGP
EGP ILS 0.2186 EGP to ILS 4.5741 ILS to EGP
EGP JOD 0.0449 EGP to JOD 22.2775 JOD to EGP
EGP KWD 0.0192 EGP to KWD 51.9896 KWD to EGP
EGP LBP 95.6501 EGP to LBP 0.0105 LBP to EGP
EGP OMR 0.0244 EGP to OMR 41.0365 OMR to EGP
EGP QAR 0.2305 EGP to QAR 4.3392 QAR to EGP
EGP SAR 0.2375 EGP to SAR 4.2108 SAR to EGP
EGP AED 0.2325 EGP to AED 4.3014 AED to EGP
EGP YER 15.8428 EGP to YER 0.0631 YER to EGP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 EGP Conversion in currency Conversion
EGP DZD 7.6044 EGP to DZD 0.1315 DZD to EGP
EGP KES 6.3835 EGP to KES 0.1567 KES to EGP
EGP MUR 2.3323 EGP to MUR 0.4288 MUR to EGP
EGP MAD 0.6108 EGP to MAD 1.6371 MAD to EGP
EGP NAD 0.9197 EGP to NAD 1.0874 NAD to EGP
EGP NIO 2.1342 EGP to NIO 0.4686 NIO to EGP
EGP NGN 22.9445 EGP to NGN 0.0436 NGN to EGP
EGP SLL 613.9589 EGP to SLL 0.0016 SLL to EGP
EGP ZAR 0.9194 EGP to ZAR 1.0877 ZAR to EGP
EGP TZS 145.9253 EGP to TZS 0.0069 TZS to EGP
EGP TND 0.1792 EGP to TND 5.5803 TND to EGP
EGP UGX 232.6743 EGP to UGX 0.0043 UGX to EGP
EGP XOF 37.688 EGP to XOF 0.0265 XOF to EGP
EGP ZMK 569.7278 EGP to ZMK 0.0018 ZMK to EGP

Egyptian Pound (EGP)

1 Egyptian Pound is subdivided into 100 piastres or 1000 milliemes.

EGP is the international currency code for the Egyptian pound. The EGP is the official currency throughout Egypt and it is used as a secondary currency in the Gaza Strip and Palestinian territories as is the Israeli sheqel. Monetary policy and circulation of the EGP is controlled by the Central Bank of Egypt who is the sole issuer of the currency. Each Egyptian pound is officially split into 1/100th units called "piastres" and 1/1000th units called "milliemes". The milliemes are no longer in circulation and the smallest coin in circulation is the 5 piastres.

Coins used:
5, 10, 20, 25, 50 Piastres, 1 Pound

Banknotes used:
5, 10, 25, 50 Piastres, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 Pounds

Central Bank
Central Bank of Egypt
The EGP is symbolized in writing with the symbols LE or E£. For example, 5 Egyptian pounds can therefore be written as LE 5 or E£ 5. The "LE" is actually a symbol adopted from the French which means livre egyptienne, which when translated to English reads "Egyptian pound". LE is the most common local abbreviation for the EGP. The piastres are written using the symbol "Pt.", and therefore 5 piastres would be written as 5 Pt.

The Central Bank of Egypt issues coins in the following denominations: 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 piastres as well as a 1 pound coin. Banknotes are printed as 5, 10, 25, and 50 piastres as well as 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 pounds. There are 1/2 pound and 1 pound banknotes that remain in circulation as legal tender, but these are no longer being printed by the Central Bank of Egypt and over time will be pulled completely out of circulation. All of the EGP banknotes are written in two languages. On the front they are written with Arabic numerals and text and on the back they are written with Hindu Arabic numerals and in English.

Other References
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