Chilean Peso (CLP) Exchange Rates on 29th January 2020 (29/01/2020)

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Exchange rates for Chilean Peso (CLP)

Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 CLP Conversion in currency Conversion
CLP GBP 0.001 CLP to GBP 1025.7146 GBP to CLP
CLP BGN 0.0023 CLP to BGN 443.5142 BGN to CLP
CLP HRK 0.0086 CLP to HRK 116.5975 HRK to CLP
CLP CZK 0.0291 CLP to CZK 34.3883 CZK to CLP
CLP DKK 0.0086 CLP to DKK 116.0898 DKK to CLP
CLP HUF 0.3897 CLP to HUF 2.5662 HUF to CLP
CLP KZT 0.4833 CLP to KZT 2.0692 KZT to CLP
CLP LVL 0.0008 CLP to LVL 1301.8832 LVL to CLP
CLP LTL 0.0037 CLP to LTL 266.6999 LTL to CLP
CLP MKD 0.0709 CLP to MKD 14.1063 MKD to CLP
CLP MDL 0.0223 CLP to MDL 44.8299 MDL to CLP
CLP NOK 0.0116 CLP to NOK 86.4191 NOK to CLP
CLP PLN 0.0049 CLP to PLN 203.1223 PLN to CLP
CLP RON 0.0055 CLP to RON 181.5679 RON to CLP
CLP RUB 0.0791 CLP to RUB 12.6449 RUB to CLP
CLP SEK 0.0122 CLP to SEK 81.9889 SEK to CLP
CLP CHF 0.0012 CLP to CHF 808.8338 CHF to CLP
CLP TRY 0.0075 CLP to TRY 132.4724 TRY to CLP
CLP UAH 0.0314 CLP to UAH 31.8409 UAH to CLP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 CLP Conversion in currency Conversion
CLP ARS 0.0763 CLP to ARS 13.1031 ARS to CLP
CLP BOB 0.0088 CLP to BOB 113.9417 BOB to CLP
CLP BRL 0.0053 CLP to BRL 187.7283 BRL to CLP
CLP CAD 0.0017 CLP to CAD 598.3732 CAD to CLP
CLP KYD 0.0011 CLP to KYD 945.4355 KYD to CLP
CLP COP 4.3003 CLP to COP 0.2325 COP to CLP
CLP CRC 0.7177 CLP to CRC 1.3933 CRC to CLP
CLP DOP 0.0675 CLP to DOP 14.813 DOP to CLP
CLP SVC 0.0111 CLP to SVC 90.0396 SVC to CLP
CLP FJD 0.0028 CLP to FJD 360.6575 FJD to CLP
CLP HNL 0.0313 CLP to HNL 31.9924 HNL to CLP
CLP JMD 0.177 CLP to JMD 5.6513 JMD to CLP
CLP MXN 0.0238 CLP to MXN 42.0911 MXN to CLP
CLP ANG 0.0021 CLP to ANG 478.9577 ANG to CLP
CLP PYG 8.2759 CLP to PYG 0.1208 PYG to CLP
CLP PEN 0.0042 CLP to PEN 236.4643 PEN to CLP
CLP TTD 0.0086 CLP to TTD 116.5254 TTD to CLP
CLP USD 0.0013 CLP to USD 787.4957 USD to CLP
CLP UYU 0.0472 CLP to UYU 21.1719 UYU to CLP
CLP VEF 0.0127 CLP to VEF 78.8482 VEF to CLP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 CLP Conversion in currency Conversion
CLP AUD 0.0019 CLP to AUD 532.9815 AUD to CLP
CLP BDT 0.1076 CLP to BDT 9.2935 BDT to CLP
CLP BND 0.0017 CLP to BND 579.8643 BND to CLP
CLP CNY 0.0088 CLP to CNY 113.5245 CNY to CLP
CLP INR 0.0904 CLP to INR 11.0586 INR to CLP
CLP IDR 17.3039 CLP to IDR 0.0578 IDR to CLP
CLP JPY 0.1385 CLP to JPY 7.2189 JPY to CLP
CLP MYR 0.0052 CLP to MYR 192.9899 MYR to CLP
CLP MVR 0.0196 CLP to MVR 50.9702 MVR to CLP
CLP NPR 0.1448 CLP to NPR 6.9054 NPR to CLP
CLP NZD 0.0019 CLP to NZD 514.5508 NZD to CLP
CLP PKR 0.1962 CLP to PKR 5.0956 PKR to CLP
CLP PGK 0.0043 CLP to PGK 231.0534 PGK to CLP
CLP PHP 0.0645 CLP to PHP 15.492 PHP to CLP
CLP SCR 0.0174 CLP to SCR 57.4808 SCR to CLP
CLP SGD 0.0017 CLP to SGD 579.8983 SGD to CLP
CLP KRW 1.4951 CLP to KRW 0.6689 KRW to CLP
CLP LKR 0.2304 CLP to LKR 4.3411 LKR to CLP
CLP TWD 0.0382 CLP to TWD 26.1748 TWD to CLP
CLP THB 0.0393 CLP to THB 25.4548 THB to CLP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 CLP Conversion in currency Conversion
CLP BHD 0.0005 CLP to BHD 2088.7702 BHD to CLP
CLP EGP 0.0201 CLP to EGP 49.8443 EGP to CLP
CLP HKD 0.0099 CLP to HKD 101.2932 HKD to CLP
CLP ILS 0.0044 CLP to ILS 227.9916 ILS to CLP
CLP JOD 0.0009 CLP to JOD 1110.4042 JOD to CLP
CLP KWD 0.0004 CLP to KWD 2591.3852 KWD to CLP
CLP LBP 1.919 CLP to LBP 0.5211 LBP to CLP
CLP OMR 0.0005 CLP to OMR 2045.4341 OMR to CLP
CLP QAR 0.0046 CLP to QAR 216.285 QAR to CLP
CLP SAR 0.0048 CLP to SAR 209.8832 SAR to CLP
CLP AED 0.0047 CLP to AED 214.3998 AED to CLP
CLP YER 0.3178 CLP to YER 3.1462 YER to CLP
Updated: 2020-01-29
Convert from Convert to 1 CLP Conversion in currency Conversion
CLP DZD 0.1526 CLP to DZD 6.5546 DZD to CLP
CLP KES 0.1281 CLP to KES 7.8083 KES to CLP
CLP MUR 0.0468 CLP to MUR 21.3714 MUR to CLP
CLP MAD 0.0123 CLP to MAD 81.6016 MAD to CLP
CLP NAD 0.0185 CLP to NAD 54.1989 NAD to CLP
CLP NIO 0.0428 CLP to NIO 23.3554 NIO to CLP
CLP NGN 0.4603 CLP to NGN 2.1724 NGN to CLP
CLP SLL 12.3175 CLP to SLL 0.0812 SLL to CLP
CLP ZAR 0.0184 CLP to ZAR 54.2166 ZAR to CLP
CLP TZS 2.9276 CLP to TZS 0.3416 TZS to CLP
CLP TND 0.0036 CLP to TND 278.1443 TND to CLP
CLP UGX 4.668 CLP to UGX 0.2142 UGX to CLP
CLP XOF 0.7561 CLP to XOF 1.3226 XOF to CLP
CLP ZMK 11.4302 CLP to ZMK 0.0875 ZMK to CLP

Chilean Peso (CLP)

Sign Ch$
1 Chilean Peso is subdivided into 100 centavos.

CLP is the currency code for the official currency of Chile known as the Chile peso, the symbol for the peso is the "$" sign. The monetary policy and issuing authority for the currency is the central bank of Chile, the Banco Central de Chile. Coins are minted by the Casa de Moneda and banknotes are currently being transitioned to a polymer base, the printing of which is being handled by Crane AB, a Swiss company. Both the mint and the printing are under the control and direction of the Banco Central de Chile. Each peso is officially subdivided into 100 centavos though, due to inflation, there are no coins minted in centavo denominations.

Coins used:
1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 pesos

Banknotes used:
1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000 pesos

Central Bank
Banco Central de Chile
The active CLP in circulation is in constant fluctuation as the Banco Central de Chile is in a constant battle against inflation and other economic turmoil. As a result there is yearly changes in the coins and banknotes that are actively being printed and officially used as legal tender. Currently paper banknotes are being slowly replaced with polymer alternatives in a focused effort to capitalize not only on the durability of the polymer notes, but on the anti counterfeiting features that can be incorporated into polymer.

Today in Chile it is common to find officially circulated coins in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500 pesos denominations and banknotes denominated in 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, and 20,000 pesos. Though the paper banknotes of the same value are still legal tender, newer issues of the 1000, 2000, and 5000 pesos banknotes are officially available in polymer.

The value of the CLP is oftentimes compared to the United States dollar to which it has been in a constant devaluation from its first issuance, of this series of CLP, in 1975 through a period in 1994 - 1997 where it peaked, re-tested that peak, and has since begun to gain value against the USD. This may be a good sign for the CLP or simply a recognition of the rapid decline of the USD itself since that period.

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