Uzbekistan Som (UZS) Exchange Rates on 21st October 2019 (21/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for Uzbekistan Som (UZS)

Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS GBP 0.0003 UZS to GBP 3820.0156 GBP to UZS
UZS BGN 0.0006 UZS to BGN 1551.9738 BGN to UZS
UZS HRK 0.0025 UZS to HRK 399.3462 HRK to UZS
UZS CZK 0.0091 UZS to CZK 110.2737 CZK to UZS
UZS DKK 0.0024 UZS to DKK 408.9536 DKK to UZS
UZS HUF 0.1032 UZS to HUF 9.6879 HUF to UZS
UZS KZT 0.0773 UZS to KZT 12.9432 KZT to UZS
UZS LVL 0.0002 UZS to LVL 4332.7699 LVL to UZS
UZS LTL 0.0011 UZS to LTL 881.5823 LTL to UZS
UZS MKD 0.0202 UZS to MKD 49.5839 MKD to UZS
UZS MDL 0.0061 UZS to MDL 164.7381 MDL to UZS
UZS NOK 0.0027 UZS to NOK 369.1649 NOK to UZS
UZS PLN 0.0014 UZS to PLN 725.2396 PLN to UZS
UZS RON 0.0015 UZS to RON 689.0203 RON to UZS
UZS RUB 0.0159 UZS to RUB 62.7256 RUB to UZS
UZS SEK 0.003 UZS to SEK 330.3447 SEK to UZS
UZS CHF 0.0004 UZS to CHF 2516.902 CHF to UZS
UZS TRY 0.0009 UZS to TRY 1070.0767 TRY to UZS
UZS UAH 0.0055 UZS to UAH 181.4889 UAH to UZS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS ARS 0.0036 UZS to ARS 280.3425 ARS to UZS
UZS BOB 0.0029 UZS to BOB 340.9329 BOB to UZS
UZS BRL 0.001 UZS to BRL 1029.0593 BRL to UZS
UZS CAD 0.0005 UZS to CAD 2131.7247 CAD to UZS
UZS KYD 0.0003 UZS to KYD 2872.8344 KYD to UZS
UZS CLP 0.2501 UZS to CLP 3.9986 CLP to UZS
UZS COP 0.8386 UZS to COP 1.1925 COP to UZS
UZS CRC 0.23 UZS to CRC 4.3472 CRC to UZS
UZS DOP 0.0185 UZS to DOP 53.9314 DOP to UZS
UZS SVC 0.0037 UZS to SVC 269.3172 SVC to UZS
UZS FJD 0.0008 UZS to FJD 1276.1259 FJD to UZS
UZS HNL 0.009 UZS to HNL 111.3833 HNL to UZS
UZS JMD 0.0478 UZS to JMD 20.9308 JMD to UZS
UZS MXN 0.0056 UZS to MXN 178.1953 MXN to UZS
UZS ANG 0.0008 UZS to ANG 1316.0458 ANG to UZS
UZS PYG 1.8229 UZS to PYG 0.5486 PYG to UZS
UZS PEN 0.0012 UZS to PEN 825.124 PEN to UZS
UZS TTD 0.0027 UZS to TTD 371.0908 TTD to UZS
UZS USD 0.0004 UZS to USD 2355.7211 USD to UZS
UZS UYU 0.0103 UZS to UYU 97.2237 UYU to UZS
UZS VEF 0.0027 UZS to VEF 374.6558 VEF to UZS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS AUD 0.0005 UZS to AUD 2141.9993 AUD to UZS
UZS BDT 0.0329 UZS to BDT 30.4181 BDT to UZS
UZS BND 0.0005 UZS to BND 1864.9616 BND to UZS
UZS CNY 0.0026 UZS to CNY 384.2933 CNY to UZS
UZS INR 0.0258 UZS to INR 38.7103 INR to UZS
UZS IDR 5.0387 UZS to IDR 0.1985 IDR to UZS
UZS JPY 0.0454 UZS to JPY 22.0027 JPY to UZS
UZS MYR 0.0014 UZS to MYR 737.7772 MYR to UZS
UZS MVR 0.0065 UZS to MVR 153.267 MVR to UZS
UZS NPR 0.0414 UZS to NPR 24.1494 NPR to UZS
UZS NZD 0.0005 UZS to NZD 1923.8964 NZD to UZS
UZS PKR 0.0434 UZS to PKR 23.0276 PKR to UZS
UZS PGK 0.0011 UZS to PGK 951.7124 PGK to UZS
UZS PHP 0.0186 UZS to PHP 53.6427 PHP to UZS
UZS SCR 0.0055 UZS to SCR 181.5145 SCR to UZS
UZS SGD 0.0005 UZS to SGD 1886.5229 SGD to UZS
UZS KRW 0.4401 UZS to KRW 2.2723 KRW to UZS
UZS LKR 0.0553 UZS to LKR 18.0826 LKR to UZS
UZS TWD 0.0128 UZS to TWD 78.4261 TWD to UZS
UZS THB 0.0137 UZS to THB 73.2045 THB to UZS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS BHD 0.0002 UZS to BHD 6246.9476 BHD to UZS
UZS EGP 0.003 UZS to EGP 329.3562 EGP to UZS
UZS HKD 0.0033 UZS to HKD 303.9431 HKD to UZS
UZS ILS 0.0015 UZS to ILS 649.0037 ILS to UZS
UZS JOD 0.0003 UZS to JOD 3324.4746 JOD to UZS
UZS KWD 0.0001 UZS to KWD 8221.5612 KWD to UZS
UZS LBP 0.6423 UZS to LBP 1.557 LBP to UZS
UZS OMR 0.0002 UZS to OMR 6119.5485 OMR to UZS
UZS QAR 0.0015 UZS to QAR 646.8742 QAR to UZS
UZS SAR 0.0016 UZS to SAR 628.0585 SAR to UZS
UZS AED 0.0016 UZS to AED 641.3266 AED to UZS
UZS YER 0.0912 UZS to YER 10.9617 YER to UZS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UZS Conversion in currency Conversion
UZS DZD 0.0343 UZS to DZD 29.1196 DZD to UZS
UZS KES 0.0377 UZS to KES 26.4986 KES to UZS
UZS MUR 0.0135 UZS to MUR 74.3131 MUR to UZS
UZS MAD 0.0037 UZS to MAD 273.4705 MAD to UZS
UZS NAD 0.0047 UZS to NAD 214.8249 NAD to UZS
UZS NIO 0.0111 UZS to NIO 89.8959 NIO to UZS
UZS NGN 0.0691 UZS to NGN 14.47 NGN to UZS
UZS SLL 1.855 UZS to SLL 0.5391 SLL to UZS
UZS ZAR 0.0047 UZS to ZAR 214.6147 ZAR to UZS
UZS TZS 0.7061 UZS to TZS 1.4161 TZS to UZS
UZS TND 0.0007 UZS to TND 1334.6825 TND to UZS
UZS UGX 1.1058 UZS to UGX 0.9043 UGX to UZS
UZS XOF 0.2156 UZS to XOF 4.6386 XOF to UZS
UZS ZMK 2.2343 UZS to ZMK 0.4476 ZMK to UZS

Uzbekistan Som (UZS)

Sign UZS
1 Uzbekistan Som is subdivided into 100 tiyin.

The official currency for Uzbekistan is the Uzbekistan Som, denoted by the symbol UZS. Som is translated to mean pure and is equivalent to 100 tiyn. Banknotes for the som are issued in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000. Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 50 tiyn.

Coins used:
1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 som

Banknotes used:
1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 som

Central Bank
Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Those traveling to Uzbekistan should be aware that there are fairly strict policies in place concerning foreign currency. Importing foreign currency is unlimited but does have to be declared upon entering the country. Those importing excessive amounts of foreign currency may be subject to search. Exporting foreign currency is allowed but proof of lawful exchange into the official local currency is required. Without proper proof of exchange, a fine of 30 percent of the amount that is imported is imposed. Importing and exporting local currency is completely unlimited with no restrictions.

Certain reform policies have been put into place that have caused the black market and bank rates to be at the same or similar rates. The black market offers a faster way to exchange foreign currency but banks are legal and much safer. In the provinces, it is difficult to exchange the US Dollar at banks so many visitors use the black market for these conversions. Many black market money exchangers work at various bazaars and offer fair rates for exchanges of nearly all foreign currencies.

Credit cards are accepted at many hotels and restaurants and there are a few ATMs located in larger areas. ATMs will provide cash advances on most major credit cards and funds are dispersed in som. Traveler’s checks must be declared upon arrival to the country. Those without customs declaration will find it impossible to cash or exchange traveler’s checks. The US Dollar can often be exchanged easily at most banks and foreign exchange bureaus in larger cities. The euro and British pound can be exchanged but rates for these are typically much higher and outside of Tashkent it is much harder to find an establishment that will offer an exchange for these currencies. Hotels typically offer their prices in US Dollars as do most businesses that cater to tourists. It is however, illegal to pay for any goods or services in the country in any currency other than the Uzbekistan som so visitors should be certain to follow legal guidelines for currency exchange when visiting the country.

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