Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) Exchange Rates on 21st October 2019 (21/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UAH Conversion in currency Conversion
UAH GBP 0.0475 UAH to GBP 21.0482 GBP to UAH
UAH BGN 0.1169 UAH to BGN 8.5513 BGN to UAH
UAH HRK 0.4545 UAH to HRK 2.2004 HRK to UAH
UAH CZK 1.6458 UAH to CZK 0.6076 CZK to UAH
UAH DKK 0.4438 UAH to DKK 2.2533 DKK to UAH
UAH HUF 18.7335 UAH to HUF 0.0534 HUF to UAH
UAH KZT 14.022 UAH to KZT 0.0713 KZT to UAH
UAH LVL 0.0419 UAH to LVL 23.8735 LVL to UAH
UAH LTL 0.2059 UAH to LTL 4.8575 LTL to UAH
UAH MKD 3.6602 UAH to MKD 0.2732 MKD to UAH
UAH MDL 1.1017 UAH to MDL 0.9077 MDL to UAH
UAH NOK 0.4916 UAH to NOK 2.0341 NOK to UAH
UAH PLN 0.2502 UAH to PLN 3.9961 PLN to UAH
UAH RON 0.2634 UAH to RON 3.7965 RON to UAH
UAH RUB 2.8934 UAH to RUB 0.3456 RUB to UAH
UAH SEK 0.5494 UAH to SEK 1.8202 SEK to UAH
UAH CHF 0.0721 UAH to CHF 13.8681 CHF to UAH
UAH TRY 0.1696 UAH to TRY 5.8961 TRY to UAH
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UAH Conversion in currency Conversion
UAH ARS 0.6474 UAH to ARS 1.5447 ARS to UAH
UAH BOB 0.5323 UAH to BOB 1.8785 BOB to UAH
UAH BRL 0.1764 UAH to BRL 5.6701 BRL to UAH
UAH CAD 0.0851 UAH to CAD 11.7458 CAD to UAH
UAH KYD 0.0632 UAH to KYD 15.8293 KYD to UAH
UAH CLP 45.3884 UAH to CLP 0.022 CLP to UAH
UAH COP 152.1927 UAH to COP 0.0066 COP to UAH
UAH CRC 41.7489 UAH to CRC 0.024 CRC to UAH
UAH DOP 3.3652 UAH to DOP 0.2972 DOP to UAH
UAH SVC 0.6739 UAH to SVC 1.4839 SVC to UAH
UAH FJD 0.1422 UAH to FJD 7.0314 FJD to UAH
UAH HNL 1.6294 UAH to HNL 0.6137 HNL to UAH
UAH JMD 8.6709 UAH to JMD 0.1153 JMD to UAH
UAH MXN 1.0185 UAH to MXN 0.9819 MXN to UAH
UAH ANG 0.1379 UAH to ANG 7.2514 ANG to UAH
UAH PYG 330.8327 UAH to PYG 0.003 PYG to UAH
UAH PEN 0.22 UAH to PEN 4.5464 PEN to UAH
UAH TTD 0.4891 UAH to TTD 2.0447 TTD to UAH
UAH USD 0.077 UAH to USD 12.98 USD to UAH
UAH UYU 1.8667 UAH to UYU 0.5357 UYU to UAH
UAH VEF 0.4844 UAH to VEF 2.0643 VEF to UAH
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UAH Conversion in currency Conversion
UAH AUD 0.0847 UAH to AUD 11.8024 AUD to UAH
UAH BDT 5.9665 UAH to BDT 0.1676 BDT to UAH
UAH BND 0.0973 UAH to BND 10.2759 BND to UAH
UAH CNY 0.4723 UAH to CNY 2.1174 CNY to UAH
UAH INR 4.6884 UAH to INR 0.2133 INR to UAH
UAH IDR 914.461 UAH to IDR 0.0011 IDR to UAH
UAH JPY 8.2485 UAH to JPY 0.1212 JPY to UAH
UAH MYR 0.246 UAH to MYR 4.0651 MYR to UAH
UAH MVR 1.1841 UAH to MVR 0.8445 MVR to UAH
UAH NPR 7.5152 UAH to NPR 0.1331 NPR to UAH
UAH NZD 0.0943 UAH to NZD 10.6006 NZD to UAH
UAH PKR 7.8814 UAH to PKR 0.1269 PKR to UAH
UAH PGK 0.1907 UAH to PGK 5.2439 PGK to UAH
UAH PHP 3.3833 UAH to PHP 0.2956 PHP to UAH
UAH SCR 0.9999 UAH to SCR 1.0001 SCR to UAH
UAH SGD 0.0962 UAH to SGD 10.3947 SGD to UAH
UAH KRW 79.869 UAH to KRW 0.0125 KRW to UAH
UAH LKR 10.0367 UAH to LKR 0.0996 LKR to UAH
UAH TWD 2.3141 UAH to TWD 0.4321 TWD to UAH
UAH THB 2.4792 UAH to THB 0.4034 THB to UAH
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UAH Conversion in currency Conversion
UAH BHD 0.0291 UAH to BHD 34.4205 BHD to UAH
UAH EGP 0.551 UAH to EGP 1.8147 EGP to UAH
UAH HKD 0.5971 UAH to HKD 1.6747 HKD to UAH
UAH ILS 0.2796 UAH to ILS 3.576 ILS to UAH
UAH JOD 0.0546 UAH to JOD 18.3178 JOD to UAH
UAH KWD 0.0221 UAH to KWD 45.3006 KWD to UAH
UAH LBP 116.5641 UAH to LBP 0.0086 LBP to UAH
UAH OMR 0.0297 UAH to OMR 33.7186 OMR to UAH
UAH QAR 0.2806 UAH to QAR 3.5643 QAR to UAH
UAH SAR 0.289 UAH to SAR 3.4606 SAR to UAH
UAH AED 0.283 UAH to AED 3.5337 AED to UAH
UAH YER 16.5567 UAH to YER 0.0604 YER to UAH
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 UAH Conversion in currency Conversion
UAH DZD 6.2325 UAH to DZD 0.1604 DZD to UAH
UAH KES 6.849 UAH to KES 0.146 KES to UAH
UAH MUR 2.4422 UAH to MUR 0.4095 MUR to UAH
UAH MAD 0.6637 UAH to MAD 1.5068 MAD to UAH
UAH NAD 0.8448 UAH to NAD 1.1837 NAD to UAH
UAH NIO 2.0189 UAH to NIO 0.4953 NIO to UAH
UAH NGN 12.5424 UAH to NGN 0.0797 NGN to UAH
UAH SLL 336.6605 UAH to SLL 0.003 SLL to UAH
UAH ZAR 0.8457 UAH to ZAR 1.1825 ZAR to UAH
UAH TZS 128.1569 UAH to TZS 0.0078 TZS to UAH
UAH TND 0.136 UAH to TND 7.3541 TND to UAH
UAH UGX 200.6923 UAH to UGX 0.005 UGX to UAH
UAH XOF 39.1255 UAH to XOF 0.0256 XOF to UAH
UAH ZMK 405.4981 UAH to ZMK 0.0025 ZMK to UAH

Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

1 Ukrainian Hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopiykas.

The Ukrainian Hryvnia is the official currency of the Ukraine. The Hryvnia is subdivided into 100 kopecks. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hryvnia. Coins are issued in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 kopecks and there is a 1 hryvnia coin. There seems to be a shortage of many kopecks in the Ukraine and many retailers may be completely out of change to make up an even sum. In many areas of the country, retailers will quote prices in roubles as opposed to the hryvnia.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopiyok, 1 hryvnia

Banknotes used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 hryven

Central Bank
National Bank of Ukraine
The Ukraine dropped its hryvnia peg to the US Dollar after the Orange Revolution although the currency has retained its stability of approximately 5 hryvnia to 1 US Dollar. Most hotel room prices and other services are still listed in US dollars as opposed to local currency, particularly in tourist areas. Most air fare tickets and foreign visas are only purchasable in US Dollars and many travel agencies and higher end hotels will offer to accept payment in US Dollars and euros. Note that even when paying in US Dollars or other currencies, change is given in hryvnia.

It is not at all easy to purchase hryvnia or exchange currencies before entering the Ukraine. Those exchanging foreign currency will find that the Russian rouble and the US Dollar are the easiest to exchange. The euro comes in a close second for easy exchanges. The British pound is difficult to exchange with exceptions in Kyiv and Crimea. In the western areas of the country, Hungarian forints, Slovak crowns and Polish zloty are widely accepted for exchanges at various banks and exchange offices.

When exchanging, whether at a bank or foreign currency exchange bureau, it is best to present bills that are in good condition. Banks and other establishments will typically refuse to accept currency that is not in pristine condition. They will not take any US Dollars that were printed prior to 1990 or those that have tears in them or are otherwise in worn condition. Bills that are not in good condition or even those that have folds in them could prompt checks to ensure that the bills are real and not counterfeit.

Travelers checks are typically not accepted in most places and can be hard to exchange. Banks that do accept them charge a fee for the exchange and require a lot of paperwork to be done prior to the transaction.

Other References
Wikipedia article on Ukrainian Hryvnia Live Currency Converter for UAH

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