Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) Exchange Rates on 24th July 2019 (24/07/2019)

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Exchange rates for Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 TZS Conversion in currency Conversion
TZS GBP 0.0004 TZS to GBP 2697.4732 GBP to TZS
TZS BGN 0.0009 TZS to BGN 1095.9138 BGN to TZS
TZS HRK 0.0035 TZS to HRK 281.9951 HRK to TZS
TZS CZK 0.0128 TZS to CZK 77.8689 CZK to TZS
TZS DKK 0.0035 TZS to DKK 288.7793 DKK to TZS
TZS HUF 0.1462 TZS to HUF 6.8411 HUF to TZS
TZS KZT 0.1094 TZS to KZT 9.1397 KZT to TZS
TZS LVL 0.0003 TZS to LVL 3059.5505 LVL to TZS
TZS LTL 0.0016 TZS to LTL 622.5223 LTL to TZS
TZS MKD 0.0286 TZS to MKD 35.0133 MKD to TZS
TZS MDL 0.0086 TZS to MDL 116.3285 MDL to TZS
TZS NOK 0.0038 TZS to NOK 260.6828 NOK to TZS
TZS PLN 0.002 TZS to PLN 512.1221 PLN to TZS
TZS RON 0.0021 TZS to RON 486.5462 RON to TZS
TZS RUB 0.0226 TZS to RUB 44.2932 RUB to TZS
TZS SEK 0.0043 TZS to SEK 233.2703 SEK to TZS
TZS CHF 0.0006 TZS to CHF 1777.2901 CHF to TZS
TZS TRY 0.0013 TZS to TRY 755.6261 TRY to TZS
TZS UAH 0.0078 TZS to UAH 128.1569 UAH to TZS
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 TZS Conversion in currency Conversion
TZS ARS 0.0051 TZS to ARS 197.9616 ARS to TZS
TZS BOB 0.0042 TZS to BOB 240.7471 BOB to TZS
TZS BRL 0.0014 TZS to BRL 726.6619 BRL to TZS
TZS CAD 0.0007 TZS to CAD 1505.3002 CAD to TZS
TZS KYD 0.0005 TZS to KYD 2028.6289 KYD to TZS
TZS CLP 0.3542 TZS to CLP 2.8236 CLP to TZS
TZS COP 1.1875 TZS to COP 0.8421 COP to TZS
TZS CRC 0.3258 TZS to CRC 3.0697 CRC to TZS
TZS DOP 0.0263 TZS to DOP 38.0832 DOP to TZS
TZS SVC 0.0053 TZS to SVC 190.1762 SVC to TZS
TZS FJD 0.0011 TZS to FJD 901.126 FJD to TZS
TZS HNL 0.0127 TZS to HNL 78.6524 HNL to TZS
TZS JMD 0.0677 TZS to JMD 14.7801 JMD to TZS
TZS MXN 0.0079 TZS to MXN 125.8311 MXN to TZS
TZS ANG 0.0011 TZS to ANG 929.3151 ANG to TZS
TZS PYG 2.5815 TZS to PYG 0.3874 PYG to TZS
TZS PEN 0.0017 TZS to PEN 582.6546 PEN to TZS
TZS TTD 0.0038 TZS to TTD 262.0428 TTD to TZS
TZS USD 0.0006 TZS to USD 1663.4735 USD to TZS
TZS UYU 0.0146 TZS to UYU 68.6538 UYU to TZS
TZS VEF 0.0038 TZS to VEF 264.5602 VEF to TZS
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 TZS Conversion in currency Conversion
TZS AUD 0.0007 TZS to AUD 1512.5556 AUD to TZS
TZS BDT 0.0466 TZS to BDT 21.4795 BDT to TZS
TZS BND 0.0008 TZS to BND 1316.9276 BND to TZS
TZS CNY 0.0037 TZS to CNY 271.3656 CNY to TZS
TZS INR 0.0366 TZS to INR 27.335 INR to TZS
TZS IDR 7.1355 TZS to IDR 0.1401 IDR to TZS
TZS JPY 0.0644 TZS to JPY 15.537 JPY to TZS
TZS MYR 0.0019 TZS to MYR 520.9754 MYR to TZS
TZS MVR 0.0092 TZS to MVR 108.2282 MVR to TZS
TZS NPR 0.0586 TZS to NPR 17.0529 NPR to TZS
TZS NZD 0.0007 TZS to NZD 1358.5439 NZD to TZS
TZS PKR 0.0615 TZS to PKR 16.2607 PKR to TZS
TZS PGK 0.0015 TZS to PGK 672.0441 PGK to TZS
TZS PHP 0.0264 TZS to PHP 37.8794 PHP to TZS
TZS SCR 0.0078 TZS to SCR 128.175 SCR to TZS
TZS SGD 0.0008 TZS to SGD 1332.1529 SGD to TZS
TZS KRW 0.6232 TZS to KRW 1.6046 KRW to TZS
TZS LKR 0.0783 TZS to LKR 12.7689 LKR to TZS
TZS TWD 0.0181 TZS to TWD 55.38 TWD to TZS
TZS THB 0.0193 TZS to THB 51.6928 THB to TZS
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 TZS Conversion in currency Conversion
TZS BHD 0.0002 TZS to BHD 4411.2317 BHD to TZS
TZS EGP 0.0043 TZS to EGP 232.5722 EGP to TZS
TZS HKD 0.0047 TZS to HKD 214.6269 HKD to TZS
TZS ILS 0.0022 TZS to ILS 458.2887 ILS to TZS
TZS JOD 0.0004 TZS to JOD 2347.5509 JOD to TZS
TZS KWD 0.0002 TZS to KWD 5805.5891 KWD to TZS
TZS LBP 0.9095 TZS to LBP 1.0995 LBP to TZS
TZS OMR 0.0002 TZS to OMR 4321.2698 OMR to TZS
TZS QAR 0.0022 TZS to QAR 456.785 QAR to TZS
TZS SAR 0.0023 TZS to SAR 443.4984 SAR to TZS
TZS AED 0.0022 TZS to AED 452.8676 AED to TZS
TZS YER 0.1292 TZS to YER 7.7405 YER to TZS
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 TZS Conversion in currency Conversion
TZS DZD 0.0486 TZS to DZD 20.5626 DZD to TZS
TZS KES 0.0534 TZS to KES 18.7118 KES to TZS
TZS MUR 0.0191 TZS to MUR 52.4756 MUR to TZS
TZS MAD 0.0052 TZS to MAD 193.109 MAD to TZS
TZS NAD 0.0066 TZS to NAD 151.6968 NAD to TZS
TZS NIO 0.0158 TZS to NIO 63.4793 NIO to TZS
TZS NGN 0.0979 TZS to NGN 10.2179 NGN to TZS
TZS SLL 2.6269 TZS to SLL 0.3807 SLL to TZS
TZS ZAR 0.0066 TZS to ZAR 151.5484 ZAR to TZS
TZS TND 0.0011 TZS to TND 942.4753 TND to TZS
TZS UGX 1.566 TZS to UGX 0.6386 UGX to TZS
TZS XOF 0.3053 TZS to XOF 3.2755 XOF to TZS
TZS ZMK 3.1641 TZS to ZMK 0.316 ZMK to TZS

Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

Sign x/y
1 Tanzanian Shilling is subdivided into 100 senti.

The Tanzanian shilling, represented by the symbol TZS is the official currency of Tanzania. The shilling is issued in denominations of Tsh 500, 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000. Coins are issued in denominations of Tsh 1, 5, 10, 20, 100 and 200. Many travelers feel that prices in Tanzania are high and credit cards are typically not accepted for many purchases and hotel accommodations. Establishments that do accept credit cards normally charge a high commission for each transaction. This leads many visitors to carrying cash for most of their purchases and amenities.

Coins used:
50, 100, 200 shilingi

Banknotes used:
500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 shilingi

Central Bank
Bank of Tanzania
The US dollar is the most widely accepted form of currency and can be exchanged easily at a number of locations. The euro is also fairly accepted and easily exchanged. Banks and money exchange desks will offer current exchange rates and most will find that the rates for US$50 and US$100 notes are lower than other transactions. ATMs are available in most areas and many offer access to international accounts. ATMs disperse funds in Tanzanian shillings.

Most major towns and cities offer ATMs outside banks and in major shopping centers. Hotels and airports have ATMs onsite as well. All ATMs provide shillings for cash withdrawals against the Visa or MasterCard but have a limit of around Tsh 300,000 per day. Many higher end hotels and tour operators accept credit cards with commissions that can range from 5 to 10 percent per transaction. Many of the banks in Tanzania will not provide cash withdrawals against credit cards so these transactions will need to be done via ATM.

Banks and foreign exchange bureaus or FOREX offices are found in major towns and cities and will provide foreign currency exchange for the current rate. Foreign exchange offices typically offer faster exchange times and are easier to get through but their rates can be higher than most banks. NBC offers branches throughout the country and offers fairly low rates and easier exchanges than other banks. Banks and foreign exchange offices are all closed from 12:00 pm on Saturday until Monday morning.

Exchanging currency back into original foreign currency when leaving the country is not difficult and most visitors will not be required to show a receipt of the original exchange. Airports offer foreign currency exchange as do banks and foreign exchange bureaus located in various larger cities and towns. There are no notable restrictions placed on importing or exporting foreign currency although any currency should be declared upon entering and exiting the country.

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