Romanian Leu (RON) Exchange Rates on 24th July 2019 (24/07/2019)

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Exchange rates for Romanian Leu (RON)

Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 RON Conversion in currency Conversion
RON GBP 0.1804 RON to GBP 5.5441 GBP to RON
RON BGN 0.444 RON to BGN 2.2524 BGN to RON
RON HRK 1.7254 RON to HRK 0.5796 HRK to RON
RON CZK 6.2483 RON to CZK 0.16 CZK to RON
RON DKK 1.6848 RON to DKK 0.5935 DKK to RON
RON HUF 71.1214 RON to HUF 0.0141 HUF to RON
RON KZT 53.2342 RON to KZT 0.0188 KZT to RON
RON LVL 0.159 RON to LVL 6.2883 LVL to RON
RON LTL 0.7816 RON to LTL 1.2795 LTL to RON
RON MKD 13.8961 RON to MKD 0.072 MKD to RON
RON MDL 4.1825 RON to MDL 0.2391 MDL to RON
RON NOK 1.8664 RON to NOK 0.5358 NOK to RON
RON PLN 0.9501 RON to PLN 1.0526 PLN to RON
RON RUB 10.9847 RON to RUB 0.091 RUB to RON
RON SEK 2.0858 RON to SEK 0.4794 SEK to RON
RON CHF 0.2738 RON to CHF 3.6529 CHF to RON
RON TRY 0.6439 RON to TRY 1.553 TRY to RON
RON UAH 3.7965 RON to UAH 0.2634 UAH to RON
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 RON Conversion in currency Conversion
RON ARS 2.4578 RON to ARS 0.4069 ARS to RON
RON BOB 2.021 RON to BOB 0.4948 BOB to RON
RON BRL 0.6696 RON to BRL 1.4935 BRL to RON
RON CAD 0.3232 RON to CAD 3.0938 CAD to RON
RON KYD 0.2398 RON to KYD 4.1694 KYD to RON
RON CLP 172.3164 RON to CLP 0.0058 CLP to RON
RON COP 577.7977 RON to COP 0.0017 COP to RON
RON CRC 158.499 RON to CRC 0.0063 CRC to RON
RON DOP 12.7759 RON to DOP 0.0783 DOP to RON
RON SVC 2.5584 RON to SVC 0.3909 SVC to RON
RON FJD 0.5399 RON to FJD 1.8521 FJD to RON
RON HNL 6.186 RON to HNL 0.1617 HNL to RON
RON JMD 32.9189 RON to JMD 0.0304 JMD to RON
RON MXN 3.8667 RON to MXN 0.2586 MXN to RON
RON ANG 0.5236 RON to ANG 1.91 ANG to RON
RON PYG 1256.0019 RON to PYG 0.0008 PYG to RON
RON PEN 0.8351 RON to PEN 1.1975 PEN to RON
RON TTD 1.8567 RON to TTD 0.5386 TTD to RON
RON USD 0.2925 RON to USD 3.4189 USD to RON
RON UYU 7.087 RON to UYU 0.1411 UYU to RON
RON VEF 1.8391 RON to VEF 0.5438 VEF to RON
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 RON Conversion in currency Conversion
RON AUD 0.3217 RON to AUD 3.1088 AUD to RON
RON BDT 22.6517 RON to BDT 0.0441 BDT to RON
RON BND 0.3695 RON to BND 2.7067 BND to RON
RON CNY 1.793 RON to CNY 0.5577 CNY to RON
RON INR 17.7994 RON to INR 0.0562 INR to RON
RON IDR 3471.7391 RON to IDR 0.0003 IDR to RON
RON JPY 31.3153 RON to JPY 0.0319 JPY to RON
RON MYR 0.9339 RON to MYR 1.0708 MYR to RON
RON MVR 4.4956 RON to MVR 0.2224 MVR to RON
RON NPR 28.5315 RON to NPR 0.035 NPR to RON
RON NZD 0.3581 RON to NZD 2.7922 NZD to RON
RON PKR 29.9215 RON to PKR 0.0334 PKR to RON
RON PGK 0.724 RON to PGK 1.3813 PGK to RON
RON PHP 12.8446 RON to PHP 0.0779 PHP to RON
RON SCR 3.796 RON to SCR 0.2634 SCR to RON
RON SGD 0.3652 RON to SGD 2.738 SGD to RON
RON KRW 303.2214 RON to KRW 0.0033 KRW to RON
RON LKR 38.104 RON to LKR 0.0262 LKR to RON
RON TWD 8.7856 RON to TWD 0.1138 TWD to RON
RON THB 9.4123 RON to THB 0.1062 THB to RON
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 RON Conversion in currency Conversion
RON BHD 0.1103 RON to BHD 9.0664 BHD to RON
RON EGP 2.092 RON to EGP 0.478 EGP to RON
RON HKD 2.2669 RON to HKD 0.4411 HKD to RON
RON ILS 1.0617 RON to ILS 0.9419 ILS to RON
RON JOD 0.2073 RON to JOD 4.8249 JOD to RON
RON KWD 0.0838 RON to KWD 11.9322 KWD to RON
RON LBP 442.5339 RON to LBP 0.0023 LBP to RON
RON OMR 0.1126 RON to OMR 8.8815 OMR to RON
RON QAR 1.0652 RON to QAR 0.9388 QAR to RON
RON SAR 1.0971 RON to SAR 0.9115 SAR to RON
RON AED 1.0744 RON to AED 0.9308 AED to RON
RON YER 62.8571 RON to YER 0.0159 YER to RON
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 RON Conversion in currency Conversion
RON DZD 23.6617 RON to DZD 0.0423 DZD to RON
RON KES 26.0021 RON to KES 0.0385 KES to RON
RON MUR 9.2719 RON to MUR 0.1079 MUR to RON
RON MAD 2.5195 RON to MAD 0.3969 MAD to RON
RON NAD 3.2074 RON to NAD 0.3118 NAD to RON
RON NIO 7.6646 RON to NIO 0.1305 NIO to RON
RON NGN 47.6171 RON to NGN 0.021 NGN to RON
RON SLL 1278.1271 RON to SLL 0.0008 SLL to RON
RON ZAR 3.2105 RON to ZAR 0.3115 ZAR to RON
RON TZS 486.5462 RON to TZS 0.0021 TZS to RON
RON TND 0.5162 RON to TND 1.9371 TND to RON
RON UGX 761.9256 RON to UGX 0.0013 UGX to RON
RON XOF 148.5396 RON to XOF 0.0067 XOF to RON
RON ZMK 1539.4683 RON to ZMK 0.0006 ZMK to RON

Romanian Leu (RON)

Sign RON
1 Romanian Leu is subdivided into 100 dirhams.

The official currency of Romania is the leu. A single leu is subdivided into 100 bani. The official code for the Romanian leu is RON. Romania is among the countries currently planning to change their official currency to the euro and this change is expected to be completed in the country by 2014 or shortly thereafter.

Coins used:
1, 5, 10, 50 bani

Banknotes used:
1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 lei

Central Bank
National Bank of Romania
The Romanian leu and all other currencies are issued by the National Bank of Romania. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 50 L, 100 L, 200 L, and 500 L. Coins are issued in denominations of 1 ban, 5 bani, 10 bani, and 50 bani. The leu is the official legal tender of Romania and Moldova although they are separate currencies in each country and they offer different exchange rates. Many prices in Romania are quoted in euros and those in Moldova are often quoted in US Dollars.

There are a wide number of ATMs located in various positions in larger cities and some in smaller areas that offer 24 hour cash withdrawal opportunities. Most ATMs service Cirrus, Plus, MasterCard, Visa and EuroCard networks and some banks offer cash advances on major credit cards in home currencies for visitors.

Exchanging currency will require a passport. Currencies can be exchanged at banks and through a number of other establishments. Hotels offer this service and there are various terminals set up at airports for currency exchange as well. Local officials warn tourists against performing currency exchange transactions with moneychangers who have bodyguards looming in the background. Many of these moneychangers charge outrageous fees and may provide counterfeit currency. Some moneychangers twice as much as banks and although black market activity is not seen widely throughout Romania, it is recommended that visitors never use street vendors to exchange currency. Look for a bank or a Bureau de Change in order to get the best rates and to ensure that you are safely exchanging currency without risk of counterfeiting. Avoid hot-spots like train station or airports for exchanging money and you will save at least 10%.

Visitors should check area newspapers or the internet to get an idea of what the current exchange rates are before planning a currency exchange. There are currently no restrictions on importing or exporting foreign or local currency in Romania. You can literally carry as much as you can stand, provided you have a passport and can show receipts that prove you have exchanged your currency legally.

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