Nigerian Naira (NGN) Exchange Rates on 30th July 2014 (30/07/2014)

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Exchange rates for Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Updated: 2014-07-30
Convert from Convert to 1 NGN Conversion in currency Conversion
NGN GBP 0.0036 NGN to GBP 274.2654 GBP to NGN
NGN BGN 0.009 NGN to BGN 110.8542 BGN to NGN
NGN HRK 0.0352 NGN to HRK 28.4159 HRK to NGN
NGN CZK 0.1267 NGN to CZK 7.8946 CZK to NGN
NGN DKK 0.0343 NGN to DKK 29.1134 DKK to NGN
NGN HUF 1.4314 NGN to HUF 0.6986 HUF to NGN
NGN KZT 1.133 NGN to KZT 0.8826 KZT to NGN
NGN LVL 0.0032 NGN to LVL 309.0148 LVL to NGN
NGN LTL 0.0159 NGN to LTL 62.875 LTL to NGN
NGN MKD 0.2807 NGN to MKD 3.5624 MKD to NGN
NGN MDL 0.0856 NGN to MDL 11.6843 MDL to NGN
NGN NOK 0.0386 NGN to NOK 25.9301 NOK to NGN
NGN PLN 0.0191 NGN to PLN 52.2921 PLN to NGN
NGN RON 0.0203 NGN to RON 49.3371 RON to NGN
NGN RUB 0.2202 NGN to RUB 4.5411 RUB to NGN
NGN SEK 0.0426 NGN to SEK 23.5012 SEK to NGN
NGN CHF 0.0056 NGN to CHF 178.4984 CHF to NGN
NGN TRY 0.0131 NGN to TRY 76.4964 TRY to NGN
NGN UAH 0.074 NGN to UAH 13.5085 UAH to NGN
Updated: 2014-07-30
Convert from Convert to 1 NGN Conversion in currency Conversion
NGN ARS 0.0505 NGN to ARS 19.7876 ARS to NGN
NGN BOB 0.0427 NGN to BOB 23.4456 BOB to NGN
NGN BRL 0.0138 NGN to BRL 72.539 BRL to NGN
NGN CAD 0.0067 NGN to CAD 149.0505 CAD to NGN
NGN KYD 0.0051 NGN to KYD 197.5614 KYD to NGN
NGN CLP 3.4969 NGN to CLP 0.286 CLP to NGN
NGN COP 11.461 NGN to COP 0.0873 COP to NGN
NGN CRC 3.3266 NGN to CRC 0.3006 CRC to NGN
NGN DOP 0.2692 NGN to DOP 3.7152 DOP to NGN
NGN SVC 0.054 NGN to SVC 18.5207 SVC to NGN
NGN FJD 0.0112 NGN to FJD 89.2122 FJD to NGN
NGN HNL 0.1295 NGN to HNL 7.7237 HNL to NGN
NGN JMD 0.6954 NGN to JMD 1.4381 JMD to NGN
NGN MXN 0.0807 NGN to MXN 12.3918 MXN to NGN
NGN ANG 0.011 NGN to ANG 90.5028 ANG to NGN
NGN PYG 26.3411 NGN to PYG 0.038 PYG to NGN
NGN PEN 0.0172 NGN to PEN 58.0442 PEN to NGN
NGN TTD 0.0393 NGN to TTD 25.4601 TTD to NGN
NGN USD 0.0062 NGN to USD 162.0006 USD to NGN
NGN UYU 0.1423 NGN to UYU 7.0283 UYU to NGN
NGN VEF 0.0388 NGN to VEF 25.745 VEF to NGN
Updated: 2014-07-30
Convert from Convert to 1 NGN Conversion in currency Conversion
NGN AUD 0.0066 NGN to AUD 151.7837 AUD to NGN
NGN BDT 0.4779 NGN to BDT 2.0923 BDT to NGN
NGN BND 0.0077 NGN to BND 130.2882 BND to NGN
NGN CNY 0.0381 NGN to CNY 26.2464 CNY to NGN
NGN INR 0.3711 NGN to INR 2.6948 INR to NGN
NGN IDR 71.4696 NGN to IDR 0.014 IDR to NGN
NGN JPY 0.631 NGN to JPY 1.5848 JPY to NGN
NGN MYR 0.0197 NGN to MYR 50.8876 MYR to NGN
NGN MVR 0.095 NGN to MVR 10.5263 MVR to NGN
NGN NPR 0.5955 NGN to NPR 1.6792 NPR to NGN
NGN NZD 0.0073 NGN to NZD 137.8055 NZD to NGN
NGN PKR 0.6101 NGN to PKR 1.6391 PKR to NGN
NGN PGK 0.0151 NGN to PGK 66.2572 PGK to NGN
NGN PHP 0.2681 NGN to PHP 3.7297 PHP to NGN
NGN SCR 0.0761 NGN to SCR 13.1408 SCR to NGN
NGN SGD 0.0077 NGN to SGD 129.4898 SGD to NGN
NGN KRW 6.3241 NGN to KRW 0.1581 KRW to NGN
NGN LKR 0.8037 NGN to LKR 1.2443 LKR to NGN
NGN TWD 0.1851 NGN to TWD 5.4036 TWD to NGN
NGN THB 0.1968 NGN to THB 5.0824 THB to NGN
Updated: 2014-07-30
Convert from Convert to 1 NGN Conversion in currency Conversion
NGN BHD 0.0023 NGN to BHD 429.6425 BHD to NGN
NGN EGP 0.0441 NGN to EGP 22.6557 EGP to NGN
NGN HKD 0.0478 NGN to HKD 20.9032 HKD to NGN
NGN ILS 0.0212 NGN to ILS 47.2553 ILS to NGN
NGN JOD 0.0044 NGN to JOD 228.6205 JOD to NGN
NGN KWD 0.0017 NGN to KWD 572.5419 KWD to NGN
NGN LBP 9.3364 NGN to LBP 0.1071 LBP to NGN
NGN OMR 0.0024 NGN to OMR 420.8353 OMR to NGN
NGN QAR 0.0225 NGN to QAR 44.4947 QAR to NGN
NGN SAR 0.0232 NGN to SAR 43.1921 SAR to NGN
NGN AED 0.0227 NGN to AED 44.1034 AED to NGN
NGN YER 1.3259 NGN to YER 0.7542 YER to NGN
Updated: 2014-07-30
Convert from Convert to 1 NGN Conversion in currency Conversion
NGN DZD 0.4929 NGN to DZD 2.0289 DZD to NGN
NGN KES 0.5414 NGN to KES 1.8472 KES to NGN
NGN MUR 0.1883 NGN to MUR 5.3115 MUR to NGN
NGN MAD 0.0516 NGN to MAD 19.3901 MAD to NGN
NGN NAD 0.0654 NGN to NAD 15.295 NAD to NGN
NGN NIO 0.1608 NGN to NIO 6.2176 NIO to NGN
NGN SLL 26.9745 NGN to SLL 0.0371 SLL to NGN
NGN ZAR 0.0655 NGN to ZAR 15.2788 ZAR to NGN
NGN TZS 10.2375 NGN to TZS 0.0977 TZS to NGN
NGN TND 0.0106 NGN to TND 94.384 TND to NGN
NGN UGX 16.2033 NGN to UGX 0.0617 UGX to NGN
NGN XOF 3.0222 NGN to XOF 0.3309 XOF to NGN
NGN ZMK 32.5511 NGN to ZMK 0.0307 ZMK to NGN

Nigerian Naira (NGN)

1 Nigerian Naira is subdivided into 100 kobo.

Nigeria or the Federal Republic of Nigeria is located in West Africa. Nigeria borders the Republic of Benin, Chad, Cameroon and Niger and lies directly on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria’s economy is classified as middle income status and the country offers a bounty of natural resources as well as financial, communication, legal and transport sectors. It is currently ranked 37th in terms of GDP in the world and is a large supplier of oil for various countries around the world including the United States.

Coins used:
½, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 kobo, 1 & 2 naira

Banknotes used:
5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 & 1000 naira

Central Bank
Central Bank of Nigeria
The Nigerian naira is the official currency of Nigeria. The naira is noted by the ISO sign NGN and is subdivided into 100 kobo. Currency in Nigeria is issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The Nigerian Central Bank controls the entire volume of money supplied in order to ensure price stability and monetary stability. Nigeria’s Currency & Branch Operations Department within the Central Bank of Nigeria controls the procurement, reissue, withdrawal and disposal of bank notes and coins and the supply and distribution of all monies in the country.

The naira is issued in denominations of N5, N10, N20, N50, N100, N200 and N500. Nigerian coins are issued in denominations of N1 and kobo 1, 10, 25 and 50. The import of local currency is limited to N20 in banknotes and these must be declared upon arrival to Nigeria. The export of local currency is also limited to N20 in banknotes. Importing foreign currency is unlimited throughout the country but any foreign currency is required to be declared immediately upon arrival to the country. Export is restricted to the amount that is declared. Nigeria has strict penalties for black market currency transactions.

Those visiting Nigeria will need to exchange currency through moneychangers. There are many banks in the country but virtually none of them provide currency exchange. Moneychangers are found readily at a number of locations within the larger cities and are considered to be among the most honest in all of Africa. Many banks and certain retailers also offer Western Union branches for those who need to have money wired to them while visiting the country. ATMs are bountiful but most recommend avoiding their use due to the high level of theft throughout the country. Travelers’ checks are virtually useless in Nigeria as well. Those visiting will find it much easier to find a moneychanger in order to exchange foreign currencies for the naira.

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