Namibian Dollar (NAD) Exchange Rates on 21st October 2019 (21/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for Namibian Dollar (NAD)

Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 NAD Conversion in currency Conversion
NAD GBP 0.0562 NAD to GBP 17.782 GBP to NAD
NAD BGN 0.1384 NAD to BGN 7.2244 BGN to NAD
NAD HRK 0.5379 NAD to HRK 1.8589 HRK to NAD
NAD CZK 1.9481 NAD to CZK 0.5133 CZK to NAD
NAD DKK 0.5253 NAD to DKK 1.9037 DKK to NAD
NAD HUF 22.1744 NAD to HUF 0.0451 HUF to NAD
NAD KZT 16.5975 NAD to KZT 0.0602 KZT to NAD
NAD LVL 0.0496 NAD to LVL 20.1688 LVL to NAD
NAD LTL 0.2437 NAD to LTL 4.1037 LTL to NAD
NAD MKD 4.3326 NAD to MKD 0.2308 MKD to NAD
NAD MDL 1.304 NAD to MDL 0.7668 MDL to NAD
NAD NOK 0.5819 NAD to NOK 1.7184 NOK to NAD
NAD PLN 0.2962 NAD to PLN 3.376 PLN to NAD
NAD RON 0.3118 NAD to RON 3.2074 RON to NAD
NAD RUB 3.4248 NAD to RUB 0.292 RUB to NAD
NAD SEK 0.6503 NAD to SEK 1.5377 SEK to NAD
NAD CHF 0.0854 NAD to CHF 11.7161 CHF to NAD
NAD TRY 0.2008 NAD to TRY 4.9812 TRY to NAD
NAD UAH 1.1837 NAD to UAH 0.8448 UAH to NAD
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 NAD Conversion in currency Conversion
NAD ARS 0.7663 NAD to ARS 1.305 ARS to NAD
NAD BOB 0.6301 NAD to BOB 1.587 BOB to NAD
NAD BRL 0.2088 NAD to BRL 4.7902 BRL to NAD
NAD CAD 0.1008 NAD to CAD 9.9231 CAD to NAD
NAD KYD 0.0748 NAD to KYD 13.3729 KYD to NAD
NAD CLP 53.7253 NAD to CLP 0.0186 CLP to NAD
NAD COP 180.1475 NAD to COP 0.0056 COP to NAD
NAD CRC 49.4173 NAD to CRC 0.0202 CRC to NAD
NAD DOP 3.9833 NAD to DOP 0.251 DOP to NAD
NAD SVC 0.7977 NAD to SVC 1.2537 SVC to NAD
NAD FJD 0.1683 NAD to FJD 5.9403 FJD to NAD
NAD HNL 1.9287 NAD to HNL 0.5185 HNL to NAD
NAD JMD 10.2636 NAD to JMD 0.0974 JMD to NAD
NAD MXN 1.2056 NAD to MXN 0.8295 MXN to NAD
NAD ANG 0.1632 NAD to ANG 6.1261 ANG to NAD
NAD PYG 391.6001 NAD to PYG 0.0026 PYG to NAD
NAD PEN 0.2604 NAD to PEN 3.8409 PEN to NAD
NAD TTD 0.5789 NAD to TTD 1.7274 TTD to NAD
NAD USD 0.0912 NAD to USD 10.9658 USD to NAD
NAD UYU 2.2096 NAD to UYU 0.4526 UYU to NAD
NAD VEF 0.5734 NAD to VEF 1.744 VEF to NAD
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 NAD Conversion in currency Conversion
NAD AUD 0.1003 NAD to AUD 9.9709 AUD to NAD
NAD BDT 7.0624 NAD to BDT 0.1416 BDT to NAD
NAD BND 0.1152 NAD to BND 8.6813 BND to NAD
NAD CNY 0.559 NAD to CNY 1.7889 CNY to NAD
NAD INR 5.5495 NAD to INR 0.1802 INR to NAD
NAD IDR 1082.4294 NAD to IDR 0.0009 IDR to NAD
NAD JPY 9.7636 NAD to JPY 0.1024 JPY to NAD
NAD MYR 0.2912 NAD to MYR 3.4343 MYR to NAD
NAD MVR 1.4016 NAD to MVR 0.7135 MVR to NAD
NAD NPR 8.8956 NAD to NPR 0.1124 NPR to NAD
NAD NZD 0.1117 NAD to NZD 8.9557 NZD to NAD
NAD PKR 9.329 NAD to PKR 0.1072 PKR to NAD
NAD PGK 0.2257 NAD to PGK 4.4302 PGK to NAD
NAD PHP 4.0047 NAD to PHP 0.2497 PHP to NAD
NAD SCR 1.1835 NAD to SCR 0.8449 SCR to NAD
NAD SGD 0.1139 NAD to SGD 8.7817 SGD to NAD
NAD KRW 94.5393 NAD to KRW 0.0106 KRW to NAD
NAD LKR 11.8802 NAD to LKR 0.0842 LKR to NAD
NAD TWD 2.7392 NAD to TWD 0.3651 TWD to NAD
NAD THB 2.9346 NAD to THB 0.3408 THB to NAD
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 NAD Conversion in currency Conversion
NAD BHD 0.0344 NAD to BHD 29.0793 BHD to NAD
NAD EGP 0.6523 NAD to EGP 1.5331 EGP to NAD
NAD HKD 0.7068 NAD to HKD 1.4148 HKD to NAD
NAD ILS 0.331 NAD to ILS 3.0211 ILS to NAD
NAD JOD 0.0646 NAD to JOD 15.4753 JOD to NAD
NAD KWD 0.0261 NAD to KWD 38.271 KWD to NAD
NAD LBP 137.9746 NAD to LBP 0.0072 LBP to NAD
NAD OMR 0.0351 NAD to OMR 28.4862 OMR to NAD
NAD QAR 0.3321 NAD to QAR 3.0112 QAR to NAD
NAD SAR 0.342 NAD to SAR 2.9236 SAR to NAD
NAD AED 0.335 NAD to AED 2.9853 AED to NAD
NAD YER 19.5978 NAD to YER 0.051 YER to NAD
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 NAD Conversion in currency Conversion
NAD DZD 7.3773 NAD to DZD 0.1356 DZD to NAD
NAD KES 8.107 NAD to KES 0.1233 KES to NAD
NAD MUR 2.8908 NAD to MUR 0.3459 MUR to NAD
NAD MAD 0.7856 NAD to MAD 1.273 MAD to NAD
NAD NIO 2.3897 NAD to NIO 0.4185 NIO to NAD
NAD NGN 14.8462 NAD to NGN 0.0674 NGN to NAD
NAD SLL 398.4983 NAD to SLL 0.0025 SLL to NAD
NAD ZAR 1.001 NAD to ZAR 0.999 ZAR to NAD
NAD TZS 151.6968 NAD to TZS 0.0066 TZS to NAD
NAD TND 0.161 NAD to TND 6.2129 TND to NAD
NAD UGX 237.5555 NAD to UGX 0.0042 UGX to NAD
NAD XOF 46.3121 NAD to XOF 0.0216 XOF to NAD
NAD ZMK 479.9801 NAD to ZMK 0.0021 ZMK to NAD

Namibian Dollar (NAD)

Sign $ or N$
1 Namibian Dollar is subdivided into 100 cents.

Namibia or the Republic of Namibia is a fairly small country in southern Africa. Namibia lies on the Atlantic Ocean and offers more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Lying on the southern edge of the tropics, the country offers warm climates, low humidity and very little average rainfall. Tourists visit Namibia for the scenery as well as various resorts.

Coins used:
5, 10, 50 cents, $1, $5

Banknotes used:
$10, $20, $50, $100, $200

Central Bank
Bank of Namibia
The official currency in Namibia is the Namibian Dollar. The ISO symbol for the Namibian dollar is NAD. Banknotes are issued in denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100 and $200. Coins currently in circulation include 5, 10 and 50 cent coins as well as 1 and 5 dollar coins. The Namibian dollar is currently linked to a one on one exchange with the South African rand. The rand is also legal tender in Namibia but the Namibian dollar cannot be used as legal tender in South Africa. The Namibian dollar can be exchanged for rand without any commission when the exchange is done inside Namibia. However, exchanging Namibian dollars for rand inside South Africa often brings about a 25 percent commission.

Those looking to purchase currency before visiting Namibia should purchase the rand and exchange it once inside Namibia since the Namibian dollar is seldom available at any bank not located in Namibia. Visitors should also be sure to exchange currency again before they leave the country to ensure that they receive lower exchange rates and because most banks do not offer exchanges for the Namibian dollar.

Most supermarkets in the country as well as hotels and restaurants will accept major credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted at establishments in Namibia. Outlets and shops outside major cities will likely require Namibian dollars in lieu of credit cards however. Petrol cannot be purchased with a credit card anywhere in Namibia so visitors who are going to be driving and need to purchase fuel will need to exchange their currency to ensure that they have the Namibian dollar readily available.

Most Namibian banks will exchange traveler’s checks into the Namibian dollar for a small commission. There are very few businesses that will accept traveler’s checks as payment so again, it is best to exchange currency for the Namibian dollar prior to or directly upon entry into the country. Larger hotels offer currency exchange for a fairly high fee. Banks in Namibia are open throughout the week until 3:30 p.m. and on Saturdays until 11 a.m. for those needing currency exchanges.

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