Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) Exchange Rates on 24th July 2019 (24/07/2019)

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Exchange rates for Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 LKR Conversion in currency Conversion
LKR GBP 0.0047 LKR to GBP 211.2534 GBP to LKR
LKR BGN 0.0117 LKR to BGN 85.8268 BGN to LKR
LKR HRK 0.0453 LKR to HRK 22.0845 HRK to LKR
LKR CZK 0.164 LKR to CZK 6.0983 CZK to LKR
LKR DKK 0.0442 LKR to DKK 22.6158 DKK to LKR
LKR HUF 1.8665 LKR to HUF 0.5358 HUF to LKR
LKR KZT 1.3971 LKR to KZT 0.7158 KZT to LKR
LKR LVL 0.0042 LKR to LVL 239.6096 LVL to LKR
LKR LTL 0.0205 LKR to LTL 48.753 LTL to LKR
LKR MKD 0.3647 LKR to MKD 2.7421 MKD to LKR
LKR MDL 0.1098 LKR to MDL 9.1103 MDL to LKR
LKR NOK 0.049 LKR to NOK 20.4155 NOK to LKR
LKR PLN 0.0249 LKR to PLN 40.107 PLN to LKR
LKR RON 0.0262 LKR to RON 38.104 RON to LKR
LKR RUB 0.2883 LKR to RUB 3.4688 RUB to LKR
LKR SEK 0.0547 LKR to SEK 18.2686 SEK to LKR
LKR CHF 0.0072 LKR to CHF 139.189 CHF to LKR
LKR TRY 0.0169 LKR to TRY 59.1771 TRY to LKR
LKR UAH 0.0996 LKR to UAH 10.0367 UAH to LKR
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 LKR Conversion in currency Conversion
LKR ARS 0.0645 LKR to ARS 15.5034 ARS to LKR
LKR BOB 0.053 LKR to BOB 18.8542 BOB to LKR
LKR BRL 0.0176 LKR to BRL 56.9087 BRL to LKR
LKR CAD 0.0085 LKR to CAD 117.888 CAD to LKR
LKR KYD 0.0063 LKR to KYD 158.8727 KYD to LKR
LKR CLP 4.5223 LKR to CLP 0.2211 CLP to LKR
LKR COP 15.1637 LKR to COP 0.0659 COP to LKR
LKR CRC 4.1596 LKR to CRC 0.2404 CRC to LKR
LKR DOP 0.3353 LKR to DOP 2.9825 DOP to LKR
LKR SVC 0.0671 LKR to SVC 14.8937 SVC to LKR
LKR FJD 0.0142 LKR to FJD 70.572 FJD to LKR
LKR HNL 0.1623 LKR to HNL 6.1597 HNL to LKR
LKR JMD 0.8639 LKR to JMD 1.1575 JMD to LKR
LKR MXN 0.1015 LKR to MXN 9.8545 MXN to LKR
LKR ANG 0.0137 LKR to ANG 72.7796 ANG to LKR
LKR PYG 32.9625 LKR to PYG 0.0303 PYG to LKR
LKR PEN 0.0219 LKR to PEN 45.6308 PEN to LKR
LKR TTD 0.0487 LKR to TTD 20.522 TTD to LKR
LKR USD 0.0077 LKR to USD 130.2754 USD to LKR
LKR UYU 0.186 LKR to UYU 5.3766 UYU to LKR
LKR VEF 0.0483 LKR to VEF 20.7191 VEF to LKR
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 LKR Conversion in currency Conversion
LKR AUD 0.0084 LKR to AUD 118.4562 AUD to LKR
LKR BDT 0.5945 LKR to BDT 1.6822 BDT to LKR
LKR BND 0.0097 LKR to BND 103.1356 BND to LKR
LKR CNY 0.0471 LKR to CNY 21.2521 CNY to LKR
LKR INR 0.4671 LKR to INR 2.1407 INR to LKR
LKR IDR 91.1122 LKR to IDR 0.011 IDR to LKR
LKR JPY 0.8218 LKR to JPY 1.2168 JPY to LKR
LKR MYR 0.0245 LKR to MYR 40.8003 MYR to LKR
LKR MVR 0.118 LKR to MVR 8.4759 MVR to LKR
LKR NPR 0.7488 LKR to NPR 1.3355 NPR to LKR
LKR NZD 0.0094 LKR to NZD 106.3948 NZD to LKR
LKR PKR 0.7853 LKR to PKR 1.2735 PKR to LKR
LKR PGK 0.019 LKR to PGK 52.6313 PGK to LKR
LKR PHP 0.3371 LKR to PHP 2.9665 PHP to LKR
LKR SCR 0.0996 LKR to SCR 10.0381 SCR to LKR
LKR SGD 0.0096 LKR to SGD 104.328 SGD to LKR
LKR KRW 7.9577 LKR to KRW 0.1257 KRW to LKR
LKR TWD 0.2306 LKR to TWD 4.3371 TWD to LKR
LKR THB 0.247 LKR to THB 4.0483 THB to LKR
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 LKR Conversion in currency Conversion
LKR BHD 0.0029 LKR to BHD 345.467 BHD to LKR
LKR EGP 0.0549 LKR to EGP 18.214 EGP to LKR
LKR HKD 0.0595 LKR to HKD 16.8086 HKD to LKR
LKR ILS 0.0279 LKR to ILS 35.891 ILS to LKR
LKR JOD 0.0054 LKR to JOD 183.8492 JOD to LKR
LKR KWD 0.0022 LKR to KWD 454.6665 KWD to LKR
LKR LBP 11.6138 LKR to LBP 0.0861 LBP to LKR
LKR OMR 0.003 LKR to OMR 338.4216 OMR to LKR
LKR QAR 0.028 LKR to QAR 35.7733 QAR to LKR
LKR SAR 0.0288 LKR to SAR 34.7327 SAR to LKR
LKR AED 0.0282 LKR to AED 35.4665 AED to LKR
LKR YER 1.6496 LKR to YER 0.6062 YER to LKR
Updated: 2019-07-24
Convert from Convert to 1 LKR Conversion in currency Conversion
LKR DZD 0.621 LKR to DZD 1.6104 DZD to LKR
LKR KES 0.6824 LKR to KES 1.4654 KES to LKR
LKR MUR 0.2433 LKR to MUR 4.1096 MUR to LKR
LKR MAD 0.0661 LKR to MAD 15.1234 MAD to LKR
LKR NAD 0.0842 LKR to NAD 11.8802 NAD to LKR
LKR NIO 0.2012 LKR to NIO 4.9714 NIO to LKR
LKR NGN 1.2497 LKR to NGN 0.8002 NGN to LKR
LKR SLL 33.5431 LKR to SLL 0.0298 SLL to LKR
LKR ZAR 0.0843 LKR to ZAR 11.8686 ZAR to LKR
LKR TZS 12.7689 LKR to TZS 0.0783 TZS to LKR
LKR TND 0.0135 LKR to TND 73.8102 TND to LKR
LKR UGX 19.9959 LKR to UGX 0.05 UGX to LKR
LKR XOF 3.8983 LKR to XOF 0.2565 XOF to LKR
LKR ZMK 40.4017 LKR to ZMK 0.0248 ZMK to LKR

Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

Sign Rs
1 Sri Lankan Rupee is subdivided into 100 cents.

The Sri Lankan rupee uses the international currency code of LKR, is the official currency of Sri Lanka, and is issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Each rupee is divided into 100 cents and and the monetary symbol used to identify currencies denominated in LKR is "??" , "Rs." or "SLRs.". When written, the "Rs." is written prior to the numerals.

Coins used:
-frequently 50 cents, Rs.1, Rs.2, Rs.5, Rs.10
-rarely 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 cents

Banknotes used:
Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.2000, Rs.5000

Central Bank
Central Bank of Sri Lanka
The Central Bank of Sri Lanka, while not fully independent of the government, does in fact exercise a great deal of sovereignty over the monetary policy affecting the Sri Lankan economy. Currently the Central Bank of Sri Lanka mints coins through the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom who have been authorized to issue LKR coins valued at 50 cents and Rs.1, Rs.2, Rs.5, and Rs.10. The central bank does recognize lower value denominated coins previously issued in values of 1, 2, 5, 10, and 25 cents, but these are not normally available from Sri Lankan banks nor found in common circulation.

Banknotes are printed by the De la Rue Lanka Currency and Securities Print (Pvt) Ltd company under the authority of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. These banknotes are currently in common circulation with values of Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.2000, and Rs.5000.

An interesting feature of the banknotes of Sri Lanka is that they are printed horizontally on the front and vertically on the reverse. Another interesting fact is that the Central Bank's anouncement of the issuance of a Rs. 5000 banknote said it was as a reflection of the growing Sri Lankan economy, not as an indicator of inflation. The Rs.200 banknote is the only banknote within Sri Lanka that is currently printed on polymer substrates in lieu of the traditional paper base.

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