Lebanese Pound (LBP) Exchange Rates on 21st October 2019 (21/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for Lebanese Pound (LBP)

Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 LBP Conversion in currency Conversion
LBP GBP 0.0004 LBP to GBP 2453.4638 GBP to LBP
LBP BGN 0.001 LBP to BGN 996.779 BGN to LBP
LBP HRK 0.0039 LBP to HRK 256.4862 HRK to LBP
LBP CZK 0.0141 LBP to CZK 70.825 CZK to LBP
LBP DKK 0.0038 LBP to DKK 262.6568 DKK to LBP
LBP HUF 0.1607 LBP to HUF 6.2222 HUF to LBP
LBP KZT 0.1203 LBP to KZT 8.313 KZT to LBP
LBP LVL 0.0004 LBP to LVL 2782.7882 LVL to LBP
LBP LTL 0.0018 LBP to LTL 566.2098 LTL to LBP
LBP MKD 0.0314 LBP to MKD 31.846 MKD to LBP
LBP MDL 0.0095 LBP to MDL 105.8056 MDL to LBP
LBP NOK 0.0042 LBP to NOK 237.1018 NOK to LBP
LBP PLN 0.0021 LBP to PLN 465.7963 PLN to LBP
LBP RON 0.0023 LBP to RON 442.5339 RON to LBP
LBP RUB 0.0248 LBP to RUB 40.2865 RUB to LBP
LBP SEK 0.0047 LBP to SEK 212.169 SEK to LBP
LBP CHF 0.0006 LBP to CHF 1616.5191 CHF to LBP
LBP TRY 0.0015 LBP to TRY 687.2732 TRY to LBP
LBP UAH 0.0086 LBP to UAH 116.5641 UAH to LBP
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 LBP Conversion in currency Conversion
LBP ARS 0.0056 LBP to ARS 180.0543 ARS to LBP
LBP BOB 0.0046 LBP to BOB 218.9694 BOB to LBP
LBP BRL 0.0015 LBP to BRL 660.9292 BRL to LBP
LBP CAD 0.0007 LBP to CAD 1369.133 CAD to LBP
LBP KYD 0.0005 LBP to KYD 1845.1221 KYD to LBP
LBP CLP 0.3894 LBP to CLP 2.5681 CLP to LBP
LBP COP 1.3057 LBP to COP 0.7659 COP to LBP
LBP CRC 0.3582 LBP to CRC 2.792 CRC to LBP
LBP DOP 0.0289 LBP to DOP 34.6383 DOP to LBP
LBP SVC 0.0058 LBP to SVC 172.9731 SVC to LBP
LBP FJD 0.0012 LBP to FJD 819.6115 FJD to LBP
LBP HNL 0.014 LBP to HNL 71.5376 HNL to LBP
LBP JMD 0.0744 LBP to JMD 13.4432 JMD to LBP
LBP MXN 0.0087 LBP to MXN 114.4487 MXN to LBP
LBP ANG 0.0012 LBP to ANG 845.2507 ANG to LBP
LBP PYG 2.8382 LBP to PYG 0.3523 PYG to LBP
LBP PEN 0.0019 LBP to PEN 529.9486 PEN to LBP
LBP TTD 0.0042 LBP to TTD 238.3388 TTD to LBP
LBP USD 0.0007 LBP to USD 1512.9981 USD to LBP
LBP UYU 0.016 LBP to UYU 62.4434 UYU to LBP
LBP VEF 0.0042 LBP to VEF 240.6285 VEF to LBP
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 LBP Conversion in currency Conversion
LBP AUD 0.0007 LBP to AUD 1375.732 AUD to LBP
LBP BDT 0.0512 LBP to BDT 19.5365 BDT to LBP
LBP BND 0.0008 LBP to BND 1197.8003 BND to LBP
LBP CNY 0.0041 LBP to CNY 246.8183 CNY to LBP
LBP INR 0.0402 LBP to INR 24.8623 INR to LBP
LBP IDR 7.8451 LBP to IDR 0.1275 IDR to LBP
LBP JPY 0.0708 LBP to JPY 14.1316 JPY to LBP
LBP MYR 0.0021 LBP to MYR 473.8487 MYR to LBP
LBP MVR 0.0102 LBP to MVR 98.4381 MVR to LBP
LBP NPR 0.0645 LBP to NPR 15.5104 NPR to LBP
LBP NZD 0.0008 LBP to NZD 1235.652 NZD to LBP
LBP PKR 0.0676 LBP to PKR 14.7898 PKR to LBP
LBP PGK 0.0016 LBP to PGK 611.252 PGK to LBP
LBP PHP 0.029 LBP to PHP 34.4529 PHP to LBP
LBP SCR 0.0086 LBP to SCR 116.5805 SCR to LBP
LBP SGD 0.0008 LBP to SGD 1211.6483 SGD to LBP
LBP KRW 0.6852 LBP to KRW 1.4594 KRW to LBP
LBP LKR 0.0861 LBP to LKR 11.6138 LKR to LBP
LBP TWD 0.0199 LBP to TWD 50.3704 TWD to LBP
LBP THB 0.0213 LBP to THB 47.0167 THB to LBP
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 LBP Conversion in currency Conversion
LBP BHD 0.0002 LBP to BHD 4012.1983 BHD to LBP
LBP EGP 0.0047 LBP to EGP 211.5341 EGP to LBP
LBP HKD 0.0051 LBP to HKD 195.2121 HKD to LBP
LBP ILS 0.0024 LBP to ILS 416.8326 ILS to LBP
LBP JOD 0.0005 LBP to JOD 2135.195 JOD to LBP
LBP KWD 0.0002 LBP to KWD 5280.4242 KWD to LBP
LBP OMR 0.0003 LBP to OMR 3930.3742 OMR to LBP
LBP QAR 0.0024 LBP to QAR 415.4649 QAR to LBP
LBP SAR 0.0025 LBP to SAR 403.3802 SAR to LBP
LBP AED 0.0024 LBP to AED 411.9019 AED to LBP
LBP YER 0.142 LBP to YER 7.0403 YER to LBP
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 LBP Conversion in currency Conversion
LBP DZD 0.0535 LBP to DZD 18.7025 DZD to LBP
LBP KES 0.0588 LBP to KES 17.0191 KES to LBP
LBP MUR 0.021 LBP to MUR 47.7288 MUR to LBP
LBP MAD 0.0057 LBP to MAD 175.6406 MAD to LBP
LBP NAD 0.0072 LBP to NAD 137.9746 NAD to LBP
LBP NIO 0.0173 LBP to NIO 57.737 NIO to LBP
LBP NGN 0.1076 LBP to NGN 9.2936 NGN to LBP
LBP SLL 2.8882 LBP to SLL 0.3462 SLL to LBP
LBP ZAR 0.0073 LBP to ZAR 137.8396 ZAR to LBP
LBP TZS 1.0995 LBP to TZS 0.9095 TZS to LBP
LBP TND 0.0012 LBP to TND 857.2204 TND to LBP
LBP UGX 1.7217 LBP to UGX 0.5808 UGX to LBP
LBP XOF 0.3357 LBP to XOF 2.9792 XOF to LBP
LBP ZMK 3.4788 LBP to ZMK 0.2875 ZMK to LBP

Lebanese Pound (LBP)

Sign £ or L£
1 Lebanese Pound is subdivided into 100 piastres.

The Republic of Lebanon uses the Lebanese pound as its official currency. The Lebanese pound is issued by the Banque du Liban which serves as the National Bank of Lebanon. The LBP coins and banknotes are printed in both French and Arabic. This leads to the pound as having an Arabic name, the lira, and a French name, the livre. The accounting symbol for the LBO is either "£" or "L£". Each pound is made of 100 piastre or qirush/girsh. There are many variations of the names for this subdivision of the LBP, but fortunately none of them are immediately relevant as the smallest denomination of LBP in circulation is the pound itself.

Coins used:
50, 100, 250, 500 pounds

Banknotes used:
1000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, 50 000, 100 000 pounds

Central Bank
Banque du Liban
In current official circulation are coins minted in values of 50, 100, 250, and 500 pounds as well as banknotes in values of 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 pounds. Of these the L50 and L100 coins are very rare and most consider them out of circulation.

The Banque du Liban has as its primary mandate the issuance and stability of the currency and monetary policies that promote economic stability. Interestingly the Banque du Liban is also the 99.37% owner of the Lebanese national airline, Middle East Airlines, though divestiture of the airline has been announced and appears to be eminent. In addition to the sale of the airline the Banque du Liban has embarked on a national plan to reduce national debt through a 5 year plan. The results of this have yet to be realized, but it demonstrates the Banque du Liban's commitment to the value of the LBP.

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