Israeli New Sheqel (ILS) Exchange Rates on 21st October 2019 (21/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for Israeli New Sheqel (ILS)

Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 ILS Conversion in currency Conversion
ILS GBP 0.1699 ILS to GBP 5.886 GBP to ILS
ILS BGN 0.4182 ILS to BGN 2.3913 BGN to ILS
ILS HRK 1.6252 ILS to HRK 0.6153 HRK to ILS
ILS CZK 5.8854 ILS to CZK 0.1699 CZK to ILS
ILS DKK 1.587 ILS to DKK 0.6301 DKK to ILS
ILS HUF 66.9908 ILS to HUF 0.0149 HUF to ILS
ILS KZT 50.1425 ILS to KZT 0.0199 KZT to ILS
ILS LVL 0.1498 ILS to LVL 6.676 LVL to ILS
ILS LTL 0.7362 ILS to LTL 1.3584 LTL to ILS
ILS MKD 13.089 ILS to MKD 0.0764 MKD to ILS
ILS MDL 3.9396 ILS to MDL 0.2538 MDL to ILS
ILS NOK 1.758 ILS to NOK 0.5688 NOK to ILS
ILS PLN 0.8949 ILS to PLN 1.1175 PLN to ILS
ILS RON 0.9419 ILS to RON 1.0617 RON to ILS
ILS RUB 10.3467 ILS to RUB 0.0966 RUB to ILS
ILS SEK 1.9646 ILS to SEK 0.509 SEK to ILS
ILS CHF 0.2579 ILS to CHF 3.8781 CHF to ILS
ILS TRY 0.6065 ILS to TRY 1.6488 TRY to ILS
ILS UAH 3.576 ILS to UAH 0.2796 UAH to ILS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 ILS Conversion in currency Conversion
ILS ARS 2.315 ILS to ARS 0.432 ARS to ILS
ILS BOB 1.9036 ILS to BOB 0.5253 BOB to ILS
ILS BRL 0.6307 ILS to BRL 1.5856 BRL to ILS
ILS CAD 0.3045 ILS to CAD 3.2846 CAD to ILS
ILS KYD 0.2259 ILS to KYD 4.4265 KYD to ILS
ILS CLP 162.3087 ILS to CLP 0.0062 CLP to ILS
ILS COP 544.2405 ILS to COP 0.0018 COP to ILS
ILS CRC 149.2938 ILS to CRC 0.0067 CRC to ILS
ILS DOP 12.0339 ILS to DOP 0.0831 DOP to ILS
ILS SVC 2.4098 ILS to SVC 0.415 SVC to ILS
ILS FJD 0.5086 ILS to FJD 1.9663 FJD to ILS
ILS HNL 5.8268 ILS to HNL 0.1716 HNL to ILS
ILS JMD 31.0071 ILS to JMD 0.0323 JMD to ILS
ILS MXN 3.6421 ILS to MXN 0.2746 MXN to ILS
ILS ANG 0.4931 ILS to ANG 2.0278 ANG to ILS
ILS PYG 1183.0563 ILS to PYG 0.0008 PYG to ILS
ILS PEN 0.7866 ILS to PEN 1.2714 PEN to ILS
ILS TTD 1.7489 ILS to TTD 0.5718 TTD to ILS
ILS USD 0.2755 ILS to USD 3.6298 USD to ILS
ILS UYU 6.6754 ILS to UYU 0.1498 UYU to ILS
ILS VEF 1.7323 ILS to VEF 0.5773 VEF to ILS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 ILS Conversion in currency Conversion
ILS AUD 0.303 ILS to AUD 3.3004 AUD to ILS
ILS BDT 21.3361 ILS to BDT 0.0469 BDT to ILS
ILS BND 0.348 ILS to BND 2.8736 BND to ILS
ILS CNY 1.6888 ILS to CNY 0.5921 CNY to ILS
ILS INR 16.7656 ILS to INR 0.0596 INR to ILS
ILS IDR 3270.1087 ILS to IDR 0.0003 IDR to ILS
ILS JPY 29.4966 ILS to JPY 0.0339 JPY to ILS
ILS MYR 0.8797 ILS to MYR 1.1368 MYR to ILS
ILS MVR 4.2345 ILS to MVR 0.2362 MVR to ILS
ILS NPR 26.8745 ILS to NPR 0.0372 NPR to ILS
ILS NZD 0.3373 ILS to NZD 2.9644 NZD to ILS
ILS PKR 28.1838 ILS to PKR 0.0355 PKR to ILS
ILS PGK 0.6819 ILS to PGK 1.4664 PGK to ILS
ILS PHP 12.0986 ILS to PHP 0.0827 PHP to ILS
ILS SCR 3.5755 ILS to SCR 0.2797 SCR to ILS
ILS SGD 0.344 ILS to SGD 2.9068 SGD to ILS
ILS KRW 285.611 ILS to KRW 0.0035 KRW to ILS
ILS LKR 35.891 ILS to LKR 0.0279 LKR to ILS
ILS TWD 8.2754 ILS to TWD 0.1208 TWD to ILS
ILS THB 8.8656 ILS to THB 0.1128 THB to ILS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 ILS Conversion in currency Conversion
ILS BHD 0.1039 ILS to BHD 9.6254 BHD to ILS
ILS EGP 1.9705 ILS to EGP 0.5075 EGP to ILS
ILS HKD 2.1353 ILS to HKD 0.4683 HKD to ILS
ILS JOD 0.1952 ILS to JOD 5.1224 JOD to ILS
ILS KWD 0.0789 ILS to KWD 12.668 KWD to ILS
ILS LBP 416.8326 ILS to LBP 0.0024 LBP to ILS
ILS OMR 0.1061 ILS to OMR 9.4291 OMR to ILS
ILS QAR 1.0033 ILS to QAR 0.9967 QAR to ILS
ILS SAR 1.0333 ILS to SAR 0.9677 SAR to ILS
ILS AED 1.012 ILS to AED 0.9882 AED to ILS
ILS YER 59.2065 ILS to YER 0.0169 YER to ILS
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 ILS Conversion in currency Conversion
ILS DZD 22.2875 ILS to DZD 0.0449 DZD to ILS
ILS KES 24.492 ILS to KES 0.0408 KES to ILS
ILS MUR 8.7334 ILS to MUR 0.1145 MUR to ILS
ILS MAD 2.3732 ILS to MAD 0.4214 MAD to ILS
ILS NAD 3.0211 ILS to NAD 0.331 NAD to ILS
ILS NIO 7.2195 ILS to NIO 0.1385 NIO to ILS
ILS NGN 44.8516 ILS to NGN 0.0223 NGN to ILS
ILS SLL 1203.8965 ILS to SLL 0.0008 SLL to ILS
ILS ZAR 3.024 ILS to ZAR 0.3307 ZAR to ILS
ILS TZS 458.2887 ILS to TZS 0.0022 TZS to ILS
ILS TND 0.4863 ILS to TND 2.0565 TND to ILS
ILS UGX 717.6748 ILS to UGX 0.0014 UGX to ILS
ILS XOF 139.9128 ILS to XOF 0.0071 XOF to ILS
ILS ZMK 1450.0596 ILS to ZMK 0.0007 ZMK to ILS

Israeli New Shekel (ILS)

1 Israeli New Shekel is subdivided into 100 agorot.

The Israeli new shekel (also sheqel and plural as shekalim) uses the international currency code of ILS and is symbolized with the symbol "₪". The ILS is the official currency of Israel as well as the Palestinian territories and it is under the monetary policy and circulation control of the central bank of Israel known as the Bank of Israel. Since 1985 The Bank of Israel has been fully independent and has as its mandate since 1992 as price stability, targeting specific low inflation rates.

Coins used:
10 agorot, , 1, 2, 5, 10 new shekalim

Banknotes used:
20, 50, 100, 200 new shekalim

Central Bank
Bank of Israel
The ILS can be divided into 100 subunits each known as an agora, the plural being agorot each of which does not have specific representational symbol but is written as "????? " and "??????" respectively. The Bank of Israel prints banknotes through a banknote printer in Switzerland called Orell Fuessli in denominations of 20, 50, 100, and 200. They mint coins through the official coin mint of South Korea, the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO), in denominations of 10 agorot as well as , 1, 2, 5, and 10 new shekalim. The 20 new shekalim banknote is the first note that the the Bank of Israel has printed on a substance other than traditional paper. This banknote is printed on a polymer substrate known as polypropylene. This is no doubt a sign that the Bank of Israel will move to have all banknotes printed on this substance in the future. In 2011 it was announced that the Bank of Israel is considering eliminating the word "new" from the currency, having been in issuance since 1986.

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