Bulgarian Lev (BGN) Exchange Rates on 22nd October 2019 (22/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BGN Conversion in currency Conversion
BGN GBP 0.4063 BGN to GBP 2.4614 GBP to BGN
BGN HRK 3.8863 BGN to HRK 0.2573 HRK to BGN
BGN CZK 14.0738 BGN to CZK 0.0711 CZK to BGN
BGN DKK 3.795 BGN to DKK 0.2635 DKK to BGN
BGN HUF 160.1964 BGN to HUF 0.0062 HUF to BGN
BGN KZT 119.9067 BGN to KZT 0.0083 KZT to BGN
BGN LVL 0.3582 BGN to LVL 2.7918 LVL to BGN
BGN LTL 1.7604 BGN to LTL 0.568 LTL to BGN
BGN MKD 31.3 BGN to MKD 0.0319 MKD to BGN
BGN MDL 9.4209 BGN to MDL 0.1061 MDL to BGN
BGN NOK 4.204 BGN to NOK 0.2379 NOK to BGN
BGN PLN 2.1399 BGN to PLN 0.4673 PLN to BGN
BGN RON 2.2524 BGN to RON 0.444 RON to BGN
BGN RUB 24.7423 BGN to RUB 0.0404 RUB to BGN
BGN SEK 4.698 BGN to SEK 0.2129 SEK to BGN
BGN CHF 0.6166 BGN to CHF 1.6217 CHF to BGN
BGN TRY 1.4503 BGN to TRY 0.6895 TRY to BGN
BGN UAH 8.5513 BGN to UAH 0.1169 UAH to BGN
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BGN Conversion in currency Conversion
BGN ARS 5.536 BGN to ARS 0.1806 ARS to BGN
BGN BOB 4.5521 BGN to BOB 0.2197 BOB to BGN
BGN BRL 1.5081 BGN to BRL 0.6631 BRL to BGN
BGN CAD 0.728 BGN to CAD 1.3736 CAD to BGN
BGN KYD 0.5402 BGN to KYD 1.8511 KYD to BGN
BGN CLP 388.1315 BGN to CLP 0.0026 CLP to BGN
BGN COP 1301.4519 BGN to COP 0.0008 COP to BGN
BGN CRC 357.0087 BGN to CRC 0.0028 CRC to BGN
BGN DOP 28.7768 BGN to DOP 0.0348 DOP to BGN
BGN SVC 5.7626 BGN to SVC 0.1735 SVC to BGN
BGN FJD 1.2162 BGN to FJD 0.8223 FJD to BGN
BGN HNL 13.9336 BGN to HNL 0.0718 HNL to BGN
BGN JMD 74.1477 BGN to JMD 0.0135 JMD to BGN
BGN MXN 8.7094 BGN to MXN 0.1148 MXN to BGN
BGN ANG 1.1793 BGN to ANG 0.848 ANG to BGN
BGN PYG 2829.0631 BGN to PYG 0.0004 PYG to BGN
BGN PEN 1.8809 BGN to PEN 0.5317 PEN to BGN
BGN TTD 4.1822 BGN to TTD 0.2391 TTD to BGN
BGN USD 0.6588 BGN to USD 1.5179 USD to BGN
BGN UYU 15.9629 BGN to UYU 0.0626 UYU to BGN
BGN VEF 4.1424 BGN to VEF 0.2414 VEF to BGN
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BGN Conversion in currency Conversion
BGN AUD 0.7245 BGN to AUD 1.3802 AUD to BGN
BGN BDT 51.0214 BGN to BDT 0.0196 BDT to BGN
BGN BND 0.8322 BGN to BND 1.2017 BND to BGN
BGN CNY 4.0385 BGN to CNY 0.2476 CNY to BGN
BGN INR 40.092 BGN to INR 0.0249 INR to BGN
BGN IDR 7819.8678 BGN to IDR 0.0001 IDR to BGN
BGN JPY 70.5357 BGN to JPY 0.0142 JPY to BGN
BGN MYR 2.1036 BGN to MYR 0.4754 MYR to BGN
BGN MVR 10.1259 BGN to MVR 0.0988 MVR to BGN
BGN NPR 64.2654 BGN to NPR 0.0156 NPR to BGN
BGN NZD 0.8067 BGN to NZD 1.2396 NZD to BGN
BGN PKR 67.3963 BGN to PKR 0.0148 PKR to BGN
BGN PGK 1.6307 BGN to PGK 0.6132 PGK to BGN
BGN PHP 28.9317 BGN to PHP 0.0346 PHP to BGN
BGN SCR 8.5501 BGN to SCR 0.117 SCR to BGN
BGN SGD 0.8227 BGN to SGD 1.2156 SGD to BGN
BGN KRW 682.9866 BGN to KRW 0.0015 KRW to BGN
BGN LKR 85.8268 BGN to LKR 0.0117 LKR to BGN
BGN TWD 19.789 BGN to TWD 0.0505 TWD to BGN
BGN THB 21.2005 BGN to THB 0.0472 THB to BGN
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BGN Conversion in currency Conversion
BGN BHD 0.2484 BGN to BHD 4.0252 BHD to BGN
BGN EGP 4.7121 BGN to EGP 0.2122 EGP to BGN
BGN HKD 5.1061 BGN to HKD 0.1958 HKD to BGN
BGN ILS 2.3913 BGN to ILS 0.4182 ILS to BGN
BGN JOD 0.4668 BGN to JOD 2.1421 JOD to BGN
BGN KWD 0.1888 BGN to KWD 5.2975 KWD to BGN
BGN LBP 996.779 BGN to LBP 0.001 LBP to BGN
BGN OMR 0.2536 BGN to OMR 3.9431 OMR to BGN
BGN QAR 2.3992 BGN to QAR 0.4168 QAR to BGN
BGN SAR 2.4711 BGN to SAR 0.4047 SAR to BGN
BGN AED 2.4199 BGN to AED 0.4132 AED to BGN
BGN YER 141.5816 BGN to YER 0.0071 YER to BGN
Updated: 2019-10-22
Convert from Convert to 1 BGN Conversion in currency Conversion
BGN DZD 53.2964 BGN to DZD 0.0188 DZD to BGN
BGN KES 58.5681 BGN to KES 0.0171 KES to BGN
BGN MUR 20.8842 BGN to MUR 0.0479 MUR to BGN
BGN MAD 5.6751 BGN to MAD 0.1762 MAD to BGN
BGN NAD 7.2244 BGN to NAD 0.1384 NAD to BGN
BGN NIO 17.2641 BGN to NIO 0.0579 NIO to BGN
BGN NGN 107.2543 BGN to NGN 0.0093 NGN to BGN
BGN SLL 2878.8985 BGN to SLL 0.0003 SLL to BGN
BGN ZAR 7.2314 BGN to ZAR 0.1383 ZAR to BGN
BGN TZS 1095.9138 BGN to TZS 0.0009 TZS to BGN
BGN TND 1.1628 BGN to TND 0.86 TND to BGN
BGN UGX 1716.1881 BGN to UGX 0.0006 UGX to BGN
BGN XOF 334.5759 BGN to XOF 0.003 XOF to BGN
BGN ZMK 3467.5528 BGN to ZMK 0.0003 ZMK to BGN

Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

Sign лв
1 Bulgarian Lev is subdivided into 100 stotinki.

BGN is the currency code for the fourth and current issue of the Bulgarian lev. previous versions of the currency had their own unique currency code. The written symbol for the lev is "??" and the lev itself is split into 100 sub units called stotinki's. The Bulgarian National Bank, the central bank of Bulgaria, presides over BGN monetary policy and the issuance of lev banknotes. The Bulgarian National Bank is an independent central bank and the sole owner of the Bulgarian Mint.

Coins used:
1, 2, 5, 10, 20 & 50 stotinki, 1 lev

Banknotes used:
- frequently used: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 leva
- rarely used: 1 lev

Central Bank
Bulgarian National Bank
The BGN banknotes are in common circulation in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 lev and the BGN coins are currently minted in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 stotinki and 1 lev denominations. It is important to note that the current lev, the BGN, is a fourth issue of the currency made in 1999 and all previous issues of the lev are not valid. This re-issuance was a monetary policy decision of the Bulgarian central bank to adjust for inflation. The current target of the Bulgarian National Bank is to maintain price stability and monetary policy consistent with the eurozone in order to eventually gain acceptance of Bulgaria into the eurozone, in which case the BGN will be replaced with the EUR. The value of the lev is currently pegged to the EUR.

Bulgaria itself is an advanced industrialized market based economy with nearly 8 million people and over 80% of its GDP produced through independent private sector business. This change has been rapid as Bulgaria emerged from being primarily an agricultural based economy in the late 1940's to the advanced economy it is today.

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