United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) Exchange Rates on 21st October 2019 (21/10/2019)

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Exchange rates for United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 AED Conversion in currency Conversion
AED GBP 0.1679 AED to GBP 5.9564 GBP to AED
AED BGN 0.4132 AED to BGN 2.4199 BGN to AED
AED HRK 1.6059 AED to HRK 0.6227 HRK to AED
AED CZK 5.8158 AED to CZK 0.1719 CZK to AED
AED DKK 1.5682 AED to DKK 0.6377 DKK to AED
AED HUF 66.1984 AED to HUF 0.0151 HUF to AED
AED KZT 49.5494 AED to KZT 0.0202 KZT to AED
AED LVL 0.148 AED to LVL 6.7559 LVL to AED
AED LTL 0.7275 AED to LTL 1.3746 LTL to AED
AED MKD 12.9342 AED to MKD 0.0773 MKD to AED
AED MDL 3.893 AED to MDL 0.2569 MDL to AED
AED NOK 1.7372 AED to NOK 0.5756 NOK to AED
AED PLN 0.8843 AED to PLN 1.1308 PLN to AED
AED RON 0.9308 AED to RON 1.0744 RON to AED
AED RUB 10.2243 AED to RUB 0.0978 RUB to AED
AED SEK 1.9414 AED to SEK 0.5151 SEK to AED
AED CHF 0.2548 AED to CHF 3.9245 CHF to AED
AED TRY 0.5993 AED to TRY 1.6685 TRY to AED
AED UAH 3.5337 AED to UAH 0.283 UAH to AED
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 AED Conversion in currency Conversion
AED ARS 2.2877 AED to ARS 0.4371 ARS to AED
AED BOB 1.8811 AED to BOB 0.5316 BOB to AED
AED BRL 0.6232 AED to BRL 1.6046 BRL to AED
AED CAD 0.3008 AED to CAD 3.3239 CAD to AED
AED KYD 0.2232 AED to KYD 4.4795 KYD to AED
AED CLP 160.3887 AED to CLP 0.0062 CLP to AED
AED COP 537.8027 AED to COP 0.0019 COP to AED
AED CRC 147.5278 AED to CRC 0.0068 CRC to AED
AED DOP 11.8915 AED to DOP 0.0841 DOP to AED
AED SVC 2.3813 AED to SVC 0.4199 SVC to AED
AED FJD 0.5026 AED to FJD 1.9898 FJD to AED
AED HNL 5.7578 AED to HNL 0.1737 HNL to AED
AED JMD 30.6403 AED to JMD 0.0326 JMD to AED
AED MXN 3.599 AED to MXN 0.2779 MXN to AED
AED ANG 0.4873 AED to ANG 2.0521 ANG to AED
AED PYG 1169.0619 AED to PYG 0.0009 PYG to AED
AED PEN 0.7772 AED to PEN 1.2866 PEN to AED
AED TTD 1.7282 AED to TTD 0.5786 TTD to AED
AED USD 0.2722 AED to USD 3.6732 USD to AED
AED UYU 6.5964 AED to UYU 0.1516 UYU to AED
AED VEF 1.7118 AED to VEF 0.5842 VEF to AED
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 AED Conversion in currency Conversion
AED AUD 0.2994 AED to AUD 3.34 AUD to AED
AED BDT 21.0837 AED to BDT 0.0474 BDT to AED
AED BND 0.3439 AED to BND 2.908 BND to AED
AED CNY 1.6688 AED to CNY 0.5992 CNY to AED
AED INR 16.5673 AED to INR 0.0604 INR to AED
AED IDR 3231.4265 AED to IDR 0.0003 IDR to AED
AED JPY 29.1477 AED to JPY 0.0343 JPY to AED
AED MYR 0.8693 AED to MYR 1.1504 MYR to AED
AED MVR 4.1844 AED to MVR 0.239 MVR to AED
AED NPR 26.5566 AED to NPR 0.0377 NPR to AED
AED NZD 0.3333 AED to NZD 2.9999 NZD to AED
AED PKR 27.8504 AED to PKR 0.0359 PKR to AED
AED PGK 0.6739 AED to PGK 1.484 PGK to AED
AED PHP 11.9555 AED to PHP 0.0836 PHP to AED
AED SCR 3.5332 AED to SCR 0.283 SCR to AED
AED SGD 0.34 AED to SGD 2.9416 SGD to AED
AED KRW 282.2325 AED to KRW 0.0035 KRW to AED
AED LKR 35.4665 AED to LKR 0.0282 LKR to AED
AED TWD 8.1775 AED to TWD 0.1223 TWD to AED
AED THB 8.7608 AED to THB 0.1141 THB to AED
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 AED Conversion in currency Conversion
AED BHD 0.1027 AED to BHD 9.7407 BHD to AED
AED EGP 1.9472 AED to EGP 0.5136 EGP to AED
AED HKD 2.11 AED to HKD 0.4739 HKD to AED
AED ILS 0.9882 AED to ILS 1.012 ILS to AED
AED JOD 0.1929 AED to JOD 5.1837 JOD to AED
AED KWD 0.078 AED to KWD 12.8196 KWD to AED
AED LBP 411.9019 AED to LBP 0.0024 LBP to AED
AED OMR 0.1048 AED to OMR 9.542 OMR to AED
AED QAR 0.9914 AED to QAR 1.0087 QAR to AED
AED SAR 1.0211 AED to SAR 0.9793 SAR to AED
AED YER 58.5062 AED to YER 0.0171 YER to AED
Updated: 2019-10-21
Convert from Convert to 1 AED Conversion in currency Conversion
AED DZD 22.0238 AED to DZD 0.0454 DZD to AED
AED KES 24.2023 AED to KES 0.0413 KES to AED
AED MUR 8.6301 AED to MUR 0.1159 MUR to AED
AED MAD 2.3451 AED to MAD 0.4264 MAD to AED
AED NAD 2.9853 AED to NAD 0.335 NAD to AED
AED NIO 7.1341 AED to NIO 0.1402 NIO to AED
AED NGN 44.321 AED to NGN 0.0226 NGN to AED
AED SLL 1189.6555 AED to SLL 0.0008 SLL to AED
AED ZAR 2.9883 AED to ZAR 0.3346 ZAR to AED
AED TZS 452.8676 AED to TZS 0.0022 TZS to AED
AED TND 0.4805 AED to TND 2.0811 TND to AED
AED UGX 709.1854 AED to UGX 0.0014 UGX to AED
AED XOF 138.2578 AED to XOF 0.0072 XOF to AED
AED ZMK 1432.9068 AED to ZMK 0.0007 ZMK to AED

United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)

Sign د.إ
1 dirham is subdivided into 100 fils.

The dirham is the official currency of the United Arab Emirates. The currency code for the United Arab Emirates is AED, but there also some other abbreviates in use such as AEDH or AEDHS.

Coins used:
- frequently 1 dirham, 50 fills
- rarely 25 fills

Banknotes used:
- frequently 5 dirham (brown), 10 dirham (green), 20 dirham (light blue), 50 dirham (purple), 100 dirham (pink), 200 dirham(yellow/brown), 500 dirham (navy blue)
- rarely 1000 dirham (greenish blue)

Central Bank
Central Bank of the UAE

The AED was first introduced in December 1971.
AED has a fixed exchange rate with the USD since November 1997, 1 USD = 3.6725 AED, which equals to aproximately 1 dirham = 0.272294 dollar.

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